Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jose Maria Lemus Lopez

Jose Maria Lemus Lopez

July 22, 1911 - March 31, 1993

President of El Salvador 1956 - 1960

In 1992, Jose's two wiggle butts killed an elderly man and injured two others. A judge found him guilty of negligence and fined him $1000.



snack sized dog said...

Nutters never list THIS guy!

Carol said...

Wonder why...

vintage said...

Teddy Roosevelt Please...Who can forget when it took Whitehouse Police 15 minutes to pry his wigglebutt "Pete" off of a Naval Clerk?!?

Nutters love to cite is as a famous owner...I don't think they even check this stuff out, just repeat over and over like a mindless Parrot.

snack sized dog said...

Polly wants a pit bull!