Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kern County Speaks

The Kern County Planning Staff released their recommendation to the county yesterday and things don't look good for TIA and her goon squad on March 10.

I will reproduce some individual agency reports on this blog but you can read or download a copy of it here.

first up, my personal favorite: Kern County Sheriff

Dear Ms. Vasquez:
I have reviewed map for the proposed project and found it is located in the Sheriffs East Area Substations response area. Sheriffs Deputies from the Tehachapi Substation would be responsible to handle any calls for service at the location as well as any proactive preventative patrols. The Tehachapi Substation currently has one Sergeant, two Senior Deputies, and six Deputies to handle patrol duties for their area of responsibility, which is approximately 572 square miles in size. The proposed project is in an area known as Old West Ranch / Blackburn Canyon near the southeast boundary of the Tehachapi substation response area.

I believe this proposal will have a significant impact on law enforcement services in the Tehachapi area for the following reasons:
1) Our past experience here with the presence of kennels housing large numbers of dogs in the mountainous areas south of Tehachapi has resulted in an increased number of noise complaints requiring a law enforcement response for each complaint. This is primarily due to the terrain, which reflects noise to a greater degree, and by the lack of other noise, which would serve to mask the sound of barking. When Kimi Peck, a known animal hoarder lived in the Water Canyon Road area, noise complaints were a common occurrence. When Peck moved out of the area, noise complaints dropped to zero.

2) Old West Ranch is in a semi-remote area south east of the City of Tehachapi. There are no paved roads in the area and radio and cell phone signals there can be weak or intermittent. Due to the remote location and the high number of absentee land owners, squatting by unknown persons, some with criminal records is a common problem. There is also a steady presence there of people hostile to law enforcement and to society at large. All these factors combined lead to a standard practice of sending two Deputies to calls in Old West Ranch, except for some "cold" report calls. A typical response time for calls there is about twenty minutes. The average time to handle a call there, along with driving time leaving the area equates to about two man-hours per call if two Deputies respond. A response to Old West Ranch can also quickly deplete resources from Tehachapi Substation.

3) The applicant, Tia Tones is the subject of an ongoing television reality program on the Animal Planet television network titled, "Pit Bulls and Parolees." The premise of the series is that parolees help care for and rehabilitate neglected and abused dogs, leading to the eventual improvement in both the dog and the parolee and the dog being adopted by a caring family. That endeavor is commendable. However, my 24 years of law enforcement experience has shown me that the presence of parolees in a given area puts that area at high risk for increase in crime. An Adult Institutions Outcome Evaluation Report published in October of2010 by the Office of Research at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation puts the rate of convicted felons returning to prison from Kern County at 71.7%. As stated in reason #2, an increase in crime would result in two Deputies (more if it is a crime of violence) having to respond to Old West Ranch for each occurrence.

4) I have spoken with an agent from California State Parole and have learned that no parolees who are on supervised parole will be permitted to work with Tia Torres at her rescue compound due to suspicious activity at her prior rescue compound in Los Angeles County. Since State Parole agents are not allowed to do routine patrol to look for violations, the job of spotting parole violators there would fall on the shoulders of local law enforcement. Again, two Deputies would be tied up at the Old West Ranch location if a supervised parolee was located there. As of 2/16/2011 that prohibition is still in effect.

5) The rule preventing supervised parolees from associating with Tia Tones does not apply to convicted felons who are currently being released from California State prisons due to the current fiscal crisis. These felons are on "Non-Revocable Parole (NRP)," are unsupervised and free to move about at will. Supervised parolees are required to provide their current home and work addresses, making them easier to monitor. The NRP felons are supposed to be serving time for non-violent offenses, but a number of them are believed to have prior convictions for violent crimes. The likelihood of these unidentified NRP felons moving in and out of the Old West Ranch area would be higher, since supervised parolees are prohibited from being there.

6) Kern County Animal Control would be tasked with checking conditions at the Old West Ranch location. Again referring back to reason #2, at least one Sheriffs Deputy would need to accompany the Animal Control Officer to Old West Ranch each time. If known parolees are present, I would direct two Sheriff s Deputies to assist. Assisting Animal Control Officers on their calls is not a new practice. We have a long history of assisting allied agencies in their investigations for their safety and as a method of sharing resources.

7) I have had discussions with residents in Old West Ranch who are aware of this proposal. They have serious concerns with the presence of parolees and large numbers of dogs. It is inevitable that dogs could escape from the compound and be fi'ee to prey on livestock and other animals. The standard acceptable method of dealing with dogs attacking livestock is to shoot them. Those living in the rural areas of the county, especially in cattle grazing areas, are aware of this practice and usually accept it a fact of life. However, in my contacts with animal rescue people, I have found they are very passionate about protecting their rescued animals and can be very confrontational with neighbors and with law enforcement. Should a predacious dog be shot by a neighboring resident, the chance of our Deputies becoming involved is high.

8) I was contacted this week by a gang investigator at California Correctional Institution who heard Tia Torres was attempting to set up in this area. This investigator told me he is an expert in gang issues and had some concerns about the potential for increased criminal activity should the conditional use permit be approved. He told me the husband or boyfriend of Torres is an Aren (AJ) Jackson. Jackson was a validated associate of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), a violent prison gang that also engages in continual criminal activity outside the prison setting. Jackson is now believed to be a drop out from the Aryan Brotherhood. Jackson is estimated to be eligible for parole in October of 2019. The former presence of an Aryan Brotherhood associate at Villalobos Rescue Center led to criminal activity at the Los Angles County rescue center in 2009 (see reason #9). The likelihood he may return to live with Torres upon parole increases the risk of future criminal activity at the Old West Ranch location here in Kern County.

9) Torres's rescue compound in Los Angeles County has been connected to criminal activity: I spoke to Detective Dan Dantice with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office. Detective Dantice was the lead investigator in the cases involving Aren Jackson. Dantice told me he and fellow investigators served a search warrant at the Torres residence in 2009 and found heroin, methamphetamine and evidence of ongoing identity theft. Dantice said they also found two motorcycles in the garage of a vacant house next door: One motorcycle belonged to Aren Jackson and had been wrecked. The second motorcycle was a matching make and model and was stolen from another location in Los Angles County. The investigators concluded Jackson was using the stolen motorcycle to provide parts for his wrecked motorcycle. Another parolee at the residence took responsibility for the methamphetamine and was arrested. Jackson was arrested for the other items.
None of the points listed above are meant to disparage Tia Torres or to predict future criminal activity on her part. I do, however, believe all the combined factors listed above indicate law enforcement services in the Tehachapi area would be impacted by the approval of a Conditional Use Permit. Currently, law enforcement services county-wide are strained to the point that allied agencies frequently rely on each other for assistance. In the Tehachapi area, all the law enforcement agencies have to help each other on a daily basis to ensure public safety and prevent injury to our officers.

Donny Youngblood, Sheriff-Coroner, County of Kern
By: Sergeant Richard C. Wood
Kern County Sheriff s Office
East Area Substations Section
Tehachapi Substation


Jake said...

That's an interesting read. The sheriff expressed reasonable and justified concerns about the problems which would arise if the pit bulls and parolees were to move into his jurisdiction.

It would be great if any of the cravendesires readers were a resident who could report on the meeting. In any case it will be interesting to see the outcome.

Anonymous said...

"However, in my contacts with animal rescue people, I have found they are very passionate about protecting their rescued animals and can be very confrontational with neighbors and with law enforcement"

They most certainly do. Pit bull advocates care more about the lives of fighting dogs and dogs that have killed. Pit bull advocates value the life of a fighting dog over that of a child or adult, and over the lives of other people's pets and livestock.

Pit bull advocates terrorize and threaten death if they are not allowed to kill others with their dogs.

Anonymous said...

So all these pit bull advocates calling others racists, haters, or Nazis.

How do they feel about supporting their cult leader who is CONNECTED TO THE ARYAN BROTHERHOOD!

Bet Tia Torres never told her gullible followers about that when she shilled them for their money, or used some emotionally manipulative story to get them to open their wallets and fund her!

All these women that she has duped that talk about peace and love and tolerance and making the world a better place. Villalobos and the Aryan Brotherhood.

Is that a nice place? Are those nice people?

What about the motorcycles your donation dollars were being used on, all for Mr. Aryan Brotherhood?

(And are you dupes aware that the KKK breeds, promotes, and fights pit bulls to support their activities? They say that pit bulls are "persecuted" too, all so they can oppose laws and keep abusing and killing pit bulls and make the money they need)

Anonymous said...

And what kind of woman would expose her children to someone like Mr Aryan Brotherhood? Aren't mothers supposed to protect their children?

The only thing I hear Tia protecting, hiding, is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why all of those parolees are white!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aryan Brotherhood Jackson is on the Board of Directors at Villalobos.

Just think about the kids she rooked into being slaves and picking up poop for free as "volunteers." These are the people they were getting exposed too.

And the school children Tia was trying to force herself on. Did she tell their parents that her criminal husband was in the Aryan Brotherhood?

Is Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet aware? Does she think the Aryan Brotherhood is a fun club? Does she know what the Aryan Brotherhood thinks about people like Marjorie?
Or Mr. Zaslev who runs Discovery Networks?

This is the pit bull lobby. The Aryan Brotherhood types, and the ones they duped into helping them.

All it took to dupe fools was some chatter about "canine racism" and other emotional fake talk to help these AB types to protect fighting dogs and threaten victims. The fools got suckered right in.

Small Survivors said...

She was banned from having supervised parolees. If she continued the parolee program, it would be with just the unsupervised parolees - the Gang Moll holed up in the remote mountains with the pit dogs and the prison gangs.

Her willingness to bring gangs and UNSUPERVISED parolees to the people of OWR and Tehachapi is DISGUSTING. She had girl scouts hang with the Aryan Brotherhood. This blows my mind.

But this is the same argument they use with the pit bulls.

You can't judge a person just because they were in the Aryan Brotherhood!

Unless you were in the Aryan Brotherhood you know nothing about this, so you have no right to speak about it!

Everyone in the Aryan Brotherhood has the right to a second chance! - with your daughter!

Canine racism better never escape her lips AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

And in the middle of this Aryan Brotherhood mess is a realtor who WORKS FOR BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY in Utah!

She's on the deed with Tia's 19 year old daughter.

Best Friends knew that Mr. Aryan Brotherhood Jackson was on the board of directors at Villalobos rescue.

Best Friends knew about the crimes being committed there.

But Best Friends is so intent on exploiting pit bulls and making money from pit bulls, they got involved with aiding and abetting this.

Best Friends is as dirty as anyone in this. They don't care about pets. They care about money, and tricking people into sending them money to spend on big salaries and enabling animal abuse.

Maybe NPR and Ledy VanKavage and Jane Saul Berkey can give us a little insight into why the Best Friends is involved in all this crookery and Aryan Brotherhood stuff

What was Best Friends getting out of all this?

Anonymous said...

I think people should start checking Tia's dumpsters for the 70 dogs she claims have disappeared overnight.....

Anonymous said...

This whole pit bull advocacy scam is a con job like no other.

The Best Friends of the world knew they could trick the weak-minded, the emotionally and intellectually fragile, the lonely into supporting FIGHTING DOGS THAT KILL AND MAIM PEOPLE and PETS if the Best Friends types only conned the victims with lots of emotional tricks like "doggie persecution" and "doggie racism" and "nanny dog" and all the other lies.

They knew they could trick these weak people into sending them money and promoting them for more money, and get weak-minded "reporters" to promote them in the media for still more money.

Best Friends started out as a religious cult, and they know how to use the tricks, don't they?

Anonymous said...

The Best Friends person on the deed with Tia's daughter for this place is Veronica Roni Raczkowski, a realtor and Best Friends California Team Leader for Best Friends Network.

How do you feel about the Aryan Brotherhood, Roni?

Is this what Best Friends Networking is all about?

Anonymous said...

And to show you the level of Tia's followers, check out this comment on topix from last year when it was pointed out that Aren Jackson is connected to the Aryan Brotherhood

From Jenn of Montebello California "why does it matter to you are anyone if Aren is a member of the aryan brotherhood?"

So real racism against PEOPLE is ok for pit bull advocates if it's for the pit bulls.

This is how sociopathic these pit bull advocates are. This is why they get called pit bull nutters!

EEK! A NUTTER said...

I agree with anon 12:02

What did Best Friends see? the over 50,000 "likes" on facebook for VRC and over 90,000 "likes" for Pitbulls and Paroles page.

And they saw that Tia's admirers were younger and dumber than even the average nutter. They have zero critical thinking skills and can be whipped up into a frenzy of petition writing, letter signing, click voting, and very importantly, merchandise buying.

Anonymous said...



Oi!Oi!Oi! said...

CRAVEN, Your swastika banner is magically appropriate at the moment, and just think, a couple days ago some dumb tia nutters were criticizing your for it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


yes, it is hysterically funny. that's why i would never dream of silencing them. they are their own worst enemies/

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Uip said...

I remember someone mentioning the Aryan thing. Is there conformation that her boo is part of the brothergood?

Uip said...

I also find it ironic that Tia's daughters can easily be seen supporting canine racism with the VRC shirts they wear on their FB pictures...

Someone should send these kinds of things off to the Kern county board among other things.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Tia's daughters go to class rooms and tell school children how BSL causes pit bulls to be rounded up for mass execution - a huge lie.

Then they tell school children how discrimination against a breed of dog is like "racism," but fail to mention their step daddy is a white supremacist, and there, "ain't no niggers at Villalobos."

Tia, the wannabe Madam with a failed plan to open a whore house says if Villalobos can't be accommodated and funded, these girls ( aren't going to be able to teach our children.

***These people shouldn't even be allowed anywhere near children! Ever!***

Unbelievable. Just thinking about pit bulls and the lying slime balls that advocate for them makes me feel like I need another shower. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

The nutters that worship Tia aren't smart enough to realize the distorted view possible via a "reality" show that is: short, edited, and staged. Good smoke and mirror are hard to see.

Anonymous said...

Here's a testament to how well Tia's influence "rehabilitates" felons.

Scroll down to Jake - He is Tia's right hand man now that AJ is gone. Funny thing, he was working for Tia BEFORE he became a felon. Then he became a felon, then he became a parolee on Tia's show. OOPS.

Jake said...

@anon 7:07 said =

"Scroll down to Jake - He is Tia's right hand man now that AJ is gone"

Different Jake! Trust me!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least she draws the line at sex offenders! Attempted Cop killers and white supremecists are just peachy though....

You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

It's not that complicated!!!
1. The Aryan brotherhood is a blood in, blood out gang, Mr. Jackson did not just quit the gang, that does not happen.
2. Tia had 250 dogs at the LA operation. and is moving 100 dogs to the Tehachapi operation.
3. That leaves only 150 of the worst dogs unaccounted for. Now even the slowest Pitter can see how Tia is paying off the Aryan Brotherhood.
If you still have probems following the logic of her operation just keep donating your troubled pits to the Aryan Brotherhood via. Tia, i'm sure they will apreciate it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is such a good read, had to bump this to the top :)

EEK! A NUTTER said...

To be clear, Detective Dantice said they found heroin, meth, evidence of identify theft, and a stolen motorcycle.

Another parolee too responsibility for the meth and Jackson was arrested for all other items.

The other parolee was Danani Chock, Tia's "adopted" son, according to news reports.

Tia is not so much "rehabilitating" and "mainstreaming" parolees into society as she is advocating that ex-felons who continue to re-offend ought to be accepted and embraced.

Here's AJ the felon who is barred from working with children allowing a bunch of kids to crowd a pit bull and teaching kids its perfectly ok to walk up to an unknown pit bull and handle it.

DepthCharge said...

I'd say the people of Kern County have themselves an awesome Sheriff - I wish I had him where I live!

Anonymous said...

Re: the criminal activity at the current Villalobos, they say prison is where you go to learn to be a better criminal.

Maybe Tia's true goal is to bring that criminal education to the outside world.

Anonymous said...

"The other parolee was Danani Chock, Tia's "adopted" son, according to news reports."

You remember that this is one of the twins who started as TEENAGE VOLUNTEERS at Tia's setup.

Then one of them overdosed on drugs while at Tia's Villaobos rescue, and Tia spent all kinds of $$$ hiding that under the rug, like $10,000 bonds and the rest, and harassing the Chock family that was terrified about what was happening to their kids.

But Tia held on to these kids.

Then came all the drugs and arrests at Tia's place, supposedly a charity right? and now the twins seems to be fully indoctrinated with Aryan Brotherhood AJ guiding them.

In most states, Tia and gang would have been ARRESTED for child endangerment after that poor kid first overdosed on drugs at her place and they found the drug set up (and I've found mixed reports, but some say there was a meth lab at her place? is this so?)

NOW the kid is a felon? Who took responsibility for these kids? Who has been teaching them?

This is headed right on up there to child abuse.

And tell me this Kaplan woman at Animal Planet, so intent on cashing in on all this suffering and victimization, didn't know this!

If they preyed on kids from more affluent backgrounds, the parents would be raising holy hell. But when the victims are people from poorer backgrounds, the families have no help and no resources, and they get trashed by a media-hungry self-promoter who just lies to the press and hides it all.

And a network that just feeds off the carcasses, and pays its CEO millions upon millions to profit from this exploitation.

The FBI should really be involved in this, and the state of California should be ashamed for not dealing with this properly. They threw these kids away, as well as others and the dogs too.

Anonymous said...

craven you may want to add AJ Jackson to the tag labels for this blog entry.

There may be other victims who would find this quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

So what does Ledy VanKavage have to say about a Best Friends employee involved in all this and Tia and AJ Jackson and ON THE DEED with Tia's 19 year old daughter for the Tehechapi place?

Will Ledy grant an interview about the Aryan Brotherhood angle?

Maybe her handler and business partner Jane Saul Berkey have a few words to say about the Aryan Brotherhood connection.

Anonymous said...

Tia and gang are goading their mindless pigeons into voting for her at the Animal Rescue Site fundraising contest.

So curious if the Animal Rescue site supports Aryan Brotherhood pit bull exploitation.

And meanwhile have her followers even considered that according to Tia's villalobos IRS tax records there was ZERO dollars spent on programs for 2005 and 2006, nothing ever filed for 2007, and vague figures for 2008 with zero on programs, with nothing filed since then.

Lots of money spent on big cat food for the zoo instead of the pit bulls too, and vague "improvements" that aren't pit bull programs!

In the words of Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols "ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

Anonymous said...

What about Ellen DeGeneres? She was letting Tia huckster on her show.

How does Ellen feel about the Aryan Brotherhood?

Her show researchers didn't do a little homework before they let this on her show to shill for $$$?

I guess Tia's gullible followers think that abuse and racism to humans is AJ OK!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"craven you may want to add AJ Jackson to the tag labels for this blog entry."

good call. i added it to this and will to others. i wasn't thinking clearly, or i would have done it in the first place. you might be interested to know that the second most common googled phrase that brings people to craven desires is AREN MARCUS JACKSON and it has been for quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

"you might be interested to know that the second most common googled phrase that brings people to craven desires is AREN MARCUS JACKSON and it has been for quite awhile."

very VERY interesting

Now tell me that Majorie Kaplan's staff, Best Friends, ellen Degeneres, etc couldn't have done simple searches before they decided to pump this sideshow. Unreal, isn't it? Well, I guess they just figure it's the poor people and the dogs that get screwed. And the schoolkids, taxpayers, well there's a long line of screwees.

Anonymous said...

I was watching a true crime show about two old ladies who volunteered for homeless organizations and talked all the "poor homeless people" talk (the usual emotional manipulation that's all talk to get some credibility but no do), but were actually getting homeless men signed up for life insurance policies, then killing them. All for just the money.

The show mentioned the book "The Sociopath Next Door"

I thought, how appropriate for Tehechapi

Anonymous said...

And the Chock twins? I forgot to mention that when a teenager who overdosed on drugs at Tia Torres' Villalobos Rescue while "volunteering," the family got one of the Chock kids into rehab and Tia Torres and gang GOT HIM OUT OF REHAB, against the families' wishes.

Wonder how all Tia's mommy followers feel about that? She forgot to tell them about that I guess. Might slow down their donations.

Anonymous said...

From an Aryan Brotherhood member

"Selling women into sexual slavery overseas is common also. Hell, you can 'buy' a wife here if you're in the Brotherhood."

But I guess that woman better produce some income or get others to produce it!

I keep thinking about Tia Torres plans to open the brothel.

Anonymous said...

A little more Aryan Brotherhood history

February 2, 2000: Aryan Brotherhood member Joseph Barrett was strip searched at Tehachapi State Prison. A shank and six razor blades were found in his recturm.

January 30, 2001: Aryan Brotherhood members Cornfed Schneider and Dale Bretches, both incarcerated at Pelican Bay, were discovered to be running a dog-fighting ring on the outside. Two of their pit bulls killed Dianne Whipple of San Francisco

April 4, 2004: Brenda Jo Riley, who was the wife of an Aryan Brotherhood member, sentenced to serve 21 months in prison for acting as a message courier for the Aryan Brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

The Aryan Brotherhood certainly wouldn't want things like laws to protect the dogs and stop them from being abused, overbred, and fought.

But they need to convince silly housewives and dumb girls with adolescent brains that "no laws are needed"

Anonymous said...

Once in Aryan Brotherhood, ALWAYS in Aryan Brotherhood. The only "former members" are dead.

"Membership generally (though not exclusively) consists of white male prisoners and operates on a “blood in, blood out” system. That is, a candidate for membership of the Aryan Brotherhood must assault and kill another prisoner to enter the gang.
Membership is for life, and those who attempt to leave the gang may likewise be assaulted or killed by other members.
Members of both the federal and state level organizations swear the same oath: “An Aryan brother is without a care/He walks where the weak and heartless won’t dare/For an Aryan brother, death holds no fear/Vengeance will be his, through his brothers still here.”

Very interesting information on their crime rackets here

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder about some of those breeder friends, doesn't it, the ones thanking tia?

Anonymous said...

"Until the 1960s, most prisons in the United States were racially segregated. As prisons began to desegregate, inmates organized along racial lines. The Aryan Brotherhood is believed to have formed in 1964 at San Quentin State Prison, with prosecutors of cases against the gang saying it was formed in reaction to getting raped by other races in prison. It may have been derived from or inspired by a previous entity, the Bluebird Gang. In the early 1970s, the Aryan Brotherhood began working closely with the Mexican Mafia and began focusing on drug trafficking and other economic activities.

In 1973, the California branch of the Aryan Brotherhood rejected Charles Manson when he asked them for protection against black inmates, because he had murdered a pregnant woman. The Aryan Brotherhood considered this dishonorable and turned him down initially. However, the Aryan Brotherhood eventually realized that Manson’s followers could be exploited, and the AB began to provide protection for Manson while his followers smuggled drugs and weapons into prisons.

By 1980, the gang had split into two distinct factions, one within the federal prison system and one outside of state prison systems. In 1982, an anonymous source gave information to the FBI implicating the Aryan Brotherhood in two high profile murders in the California state prison system. Released or paroled members have smuggled money or drugs into prison, including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines. The creed by which the Brotherhood members operate under is:

“I will stand by my brother
My brother will come before all others
My life is forfeited should I fail my brother
I will honor my brother in peace and war”

They also live by the motto,

“In for life and out by death.”

EEK! A NUTTER said...

Let's all chip in and send AJ a case of "Racism is the Pits" hoodies in prison with a couple dozen audio greeting cards saying, "Congratulations on getting out of AB!"

The Aryan Brotherhood also supposedly perfected the art of urine-writing...VERY FEW HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS!

They're still working on the art of Feces sculpture, but they're getting there!

Anonymous said...

So how does this producer Micheal Dinco know about all this Aryan Brotherhood stuff? He neglects to mention it.

Notioce how everything is about money, despite the fact that Tia's IRS pqaperwork says $0 spent on programs.

"Torres, 49, started Villalobos Rescue Center — the largest pit bull rescue in the United States — 14 years ago. She added ex-cons three years ago with prison pen pal and tattoo artist Aren Marcus Jackson, who would become her second husband.

But the rescue's been a money pit requiring creative financing. She tried to open a brothel to pay the bills, but it burned down. So now she's turning to reality TV — Animal Planet's "Pit Bulls and Parolees," which airs next month"

Prostitution to help pit bulls?

If it had worked out otherwise, she jokes the show would have been called "Pit Bulls, Parolees and Prostitutes."

"I was almost a madam," Torres said. "Somebody told me then that I was trying to open a cathouse to support my doghouse."

Producer Michael "MikeyD" Dinco was a student in a pit bull class Torres taught years ago. During a visit after the parolee program started, he knew he had to film a TV pitch."

Anonymous said...

The article also mentions that she gets money for BOARDING dogs.

So how much volunteer time and parolee slave labor has gone toward taking care of BOARDED dogs, NOT rescue dogs, that someone is paying Tia for?

And in Tehechapi, will Tia pull the usual breeder stunt of trying to claim that many of the dogs are BOARDED (not hers) to get around requirements and restrictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tehechapi, you have been warned!!!

Anonymous said...

And will Janice Anderson, Kern County Animal Control Commissioner and AKC breeder lobbyist and animal control law opposer as well as connected to NAIA (the pro-puppy mill lobby) help Tia pull this particular "some of the dogs are boarded and not mine" scam over the people of Tehechapi to get around dog limits in permits?

They better start asking her how many are boarded, who owns what dogs, and they better start writing restrictions on BOARDED dogs that Tia tries to claim aren't hers.

Or every felon there will have a "boarded" dog in their name until there's 400!

There's a scam in the works, I just get a feeling.

(When are the people of Kern County going to clue up to the fact that Janice Anderson and her breeder friends have turned Kern County into a hoarder and puppy mill pit? Never mind the dog fighters that follow along behind the others. A breeder lobbyist who is involved with a puppy mill registration business like AKC and opposes regulations and rules DOESN'T belong on any animal control board. The people of Kern County are suffering because of her controlling the county for big money New York City AKC interests)

To the person who reported the bassett hound breeder rescue abuse in Kern County, this all falls in the lap of Janice Anderson who enables this for the AKC

This is what's controlling Kern County

Janice had these aassociates in not long ago bullying the Kern County legislators!

Anonymous said...

According to IRS paperwork filed by a Villalobos board director, ZERO DOLLARS SPENT ON PROGRAMS!

Lots of money spent on "stuff" - cars, gas, tiger food, etc

Hello, IRS? Could you explain what the heck is going on here?

Anonymous said...

And the producer MikeyD Michael Dinco just happens to be Villalobos' public relations employee!!

"For media and interviews, please contact our Entertainment & Public Relations Manager: Michael Dinco mailbox at:

This wasn't some unbiased producer who came along and said, oh, maybe I'll do a show. Tia's PR PERSON cooked up this exploitational promotional bit of advertising called a show, and Animal Planet fell for it!

They might as well mark it advertising.

No wonder nothing true or real comes out of this show. It's a freaking ad!

Anonymous said...

Remember Brandon Bond, who got one of the Vick dogs killed, wasn't it, by letting it get hit by a car?

He's connected to this Micheal Dinco fanatic. So Dinco has a whole trail of propaganda behind him, and the DOGS ultimately lose, the breeders and exploiters cash in!

"One of the producers of our film is the brainchild of that show. Michael Dinco who also created the film about BSL simultaneously (Denver Dog Massacre). He is also a good friend, that I met at Villa Lobos, those years ago."

Anonymous said...

How come Brandon Bond and Micheal Dinco never told anyone about the Aryan Brotherhood thing? The teenage drug overdoses? The drugs and identity theft? The attempted murder? The DEAD DOGS!

This is like one big exploitation game!

And the dummies fall for it, and the dogs lose.

Small Survivors said...

I want to emphasize that this document is so much more important than a news report. This is information direct from the police agencies. This source is definitively true.

One question I saw asked if there was a meth lab on the agua dulce property. No, there is no indication of that.

Another question asked if there is proof that Tia's boo is really affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood. Yes, definitively, yes. The gang investigator at the California Correctional Institution felt it was so important that Kern county sheriffs know this fact he contacted them. "Jackson is a "validated associate of the Aryan Brotherhood CAB), a violent prison gang that also engages in continual criminal activity outside the prison setting."

Anonymous said...

Tia thinks she is smarter than all of the folks in Tehachapi. Did you hear her on that video? "I don't need to ask anyone if I can move". That is how dumb this bitch is. She plans on moving 250 viscous dogs to the neighborhood and does not think about her fellow neighbors. DUMB BITCH! Not only does she want to move all of these viscous dogs to the area she wants to bring all of her brothers to the hood as well. OH BROTHERHOOD! Tia still thinks she is within her rights! Is this bitch for real? She has some kind of false attitude because of Animal Planet. Tia, honey, they will dump you like the shit you are. You are nothing to them if you stir up brotherhood dog shit. They will not touch you with AJ!

So, to all of you reading....Stand up for your town! Kick Tia out on her ass! She is a low life scum. I heard that Acton wants her out! Maybe she can crash and burn!

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of having an aunt by marriage who was a welfare, tax, you name it cheat. She reminded me (not in contact with her in years) of Tia. Sense of entitlement and thinks they are too smart to get caught or have repercussions if it happens. I bet most people who cheat the system fit that mold.

Anonymous said...

Tia is an entitled BITCH! She preys on donations. How do you think she pays AJs defense team? Tia does not have a job! She uses donations! Those of you donating to Tia are donating to AJs court case. Do you know that? Do you care? Tia even said in the last episode of PBP that she wanted to move so her and AJ could have a place to grow old. Does anyone watch this show?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and BTW, I am smarter that Tia times a google! Bitch!

Murphy S. said...

These people like to turn the phrase “canine racism,” but they practice canine racism like nobody else!

How about a crude, canine racist T-shirt that says, “If it ain’t pit… it ain’t shit.”

Don’t believe it? You can buy this at the Villalobos store, and they have their name on it!

* said...

Animals cannot be subjected to racism because they were bred to have certain temperaments while people were not.

It is common sense that pit bull people are either to stupid or to much in denial to admit.

And for someone to even try and use the other terms like stereotypes and discrimination is pretty much moot. They are ANIMALS who, unlike people, are more inclined by instinct than moral judgment. So does it really matter when you think about it?

* said...

I have not done much research on the Aryan thing when it comes to AJ, and am wondering if someone can provide police or prison record and other documents pertaining to such? I do not doubt this, seeing how Tia associates with people who seem to associate with the occult, and satanism (judging by her friend's tattoos) but I'm a proof driven person and am curious.

If this is an absolute flat fact however then most if not all of the supporters have been taken for fools... It also goes to show that networks will show anything regardless of how morally ethical it is when it comes to profit. With drugs, occultism, and apparently Aryan beliefs running rampant within her grounds, why should we as consumers support those networks which host such misleading garbage?

Anonymous said...

"She preys on donations. How do you think she pays AJs defense team? Tia does not have a job! She uses donations!"

Identity theft is quite lucrative.

Anonymous said...

The police couldn't say this if it weren't true. That would be defamatory.

Anonymous said...

Weren't the two lawyer dirtballs convicted of murdering Diane Whipple with the Presa de Canario Aryan Gangler's?

Anonymous said...


"January 30, 2001: Aryan Brotherhood members Cornfed Schneider and Dale Bretches, both incarcerated at Pelican Bay, were discovered to be running a dog-fighting ring on the outside. Two of their pit bulls killed Dianne Whipple of San Francisco

April 4, 2004: Brenda Jo Riley, who was the wife of an Aryan Brotherhood member, sentenced to serve 21 months in prison for acting as a message courier for the Aryan Brotherhood."

Anonymous said...


This is a sheriff's report with information from MULTIPLE law enforcement authorities and investigators who KNOW Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia Torres, and have had many interactions with them in the system.

Ask Jackson about the Brand? Ask him for a strip search. lol

Anonymous said...

But for some years people who know these idiots have written about this.

All it took was Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet, or Best Friends, or Ellen Degeneres a quick investigation by a private detective to look into the issue before they plugged this operation shamelessly.

Or just talking to law enforcement.

Or maybe they already knew? Is that how bad it's gotten?

Aryan Brotherhood doesn't bother them? What about the drug issues with the teenage volunteers? The stolen things? The identity theft? The attempted murder?

Anonymous said...

Hell, all these media idiots had to do was just look at the IRS filings for this "rescue." There's ZERO spending on programs.

Villalobos didn't even file anything in 2007, which they are legally required to do. And nothing since some very vague, weird filing since 2008, with ZERO listed for expenditures.

The weird spending all over these IRS tax filings is a big warning sign, a big question. Something's not right. Something's not what it has described to be.

Thousands and thousands on big cat food? This is supposed to be a pit bull rescue. She says that's what donations are for.

She talks about all these supposed "programs" she needs money for. Well, ZERO spending on programs.

Of course, her public relations employee pitched the show to Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet, and pushed her with DeGeneres. Well, the public relations employee (see above) is the producer of the show.

This producer is not an unbiased third party with no personal interests in this game. He's personally connected to all this. He's making money off this.

Conflict of interest? Why would the show be honest about important issues and problems when it's a cash cow for all those involved.

But the nerve of these people begging the poor people who saw the show for money, or at these fundraisers at places like Pinkberry. The fundraising is hardcore, but where's the programs? Where's the money going?

Just like some poor little girl posted on another entry, well they are on Animal Planet, they must be ok, Animal Planet must have looked into it.


Discovery Networks and Animal Planet just care about the $$$. They don't care if the viewer gets snowed. They want the viewer to believe the fairy tales and keep watching, and keep making the parties involved rich!

Anonymous said...

2006 and 2007 IRS filings for Villalobos.

ZERO spending on programs.

And Tia is slamming other groups?

Anonymous said...

That's 2005 and 2006 IRS filings for Villalobos. ZERO spending on programs.

Filing never done for 2007.

2008 just have some vague figures and zero expenditures.

Nothing since then.

The IRS requires yearly filings.

Marie said...

Sheriff Youngblood is a genius. His statement was clear, concise and extremely detailed in giving reasons why this is such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

In 2008, she spent over 6 grand on "big cat food." Can she do this? She took money from donors to support dog rescue and a dog mention that their donations were being used to feed her personal exotic pets. In an interview about the fire in Aqua Dulce, she claims that "friends" were keeping their exotics on her ranch. Was the tiger hers, or did it belong to a friend? If so, that would be an illegal use of donor funds.

What has always bothered me was the fact that these wild animals were most likely kept in very poor environments. A satellite pic of the ranch does not show any structures appropriate for a large cats, or bears for that matter. I have an issue with the way many zoos house big cats and other large carnivores, I have watched a jaguar go stark raving mad at one local zoo....he exibits all the neurotic sterotypies so common in caged animals.

Keeping large, intelligent carnivores requires a lot of space,time, and would need some working knowledge of appropriate environmental enrichment, and a vet that specializes in exotics on call. I think there is a very good reason why you never saw the exotics on the show....I think true animal lovers would have been outraged.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm getting more and more pissed

Here's her statement as she craps in her followers faces and warns them that they can give her money, but don't visit the facility to see what is REALLY going on, or else! (Oh, and they have to pay an admission fee to visit!)

But she admits she has pit bulls there for BOARDING AND TRAINING. So her sanctuary is actually a business? Where in her IRS filings is the money on food spent on other people's dogs getting trained or boarded (who are PAYING her) and the money (vast!) getting spent on "improvements" for BOARDED DOG business getting separated out from the supposed "charitable" stuff.

Donors are paying for food, improvements, upkeep, fuel, etc for BOARDED DOGS? Boarding is a BUSINESS! And dogs getting boarded for training. That is Tia's personal BUSINESS too.

That is no charity! That is poor people giving their money for what they think are rescued pit bulls, but are really owned dogs getting boarded and Tia getting paid boarding fees!

And Animal Planet doesn't reveal that this place is BOARDING owned dogs. They insinuate it's all a rescue, boo hoo!

So when Tia goes to Tehachapi, is this a boarding business masquerading as a rescue for tax advantages, and to get other people to pay the bills?

What kind of sham is Animal Planet shucking at us?

Tia's words, and boy is she nasty to the people who give her money!!

"Visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY!!
Due to the increasing number of people showing up that have become obsessed fans, stalkers or that think we are a public zoo, we now have to take control of the situation. We are a sanctuary for these animals and the last thing they want or need is someone coming by just to "check them out". We DO NOT give tours or allow the public to walk around like the animal shelter. Visitations are for those adopting, boarding or training only. This is not only for liability reasons, but for the sake of the privacy of these animals that have already had a tough life.
Please respect that.
If you are interested in visiting, you MUST call and make an appointment.
For those of you, who think you're "special" and are planning on just "dropping by", we have a surprise waiting for you at the front gate....."

Boarded, owned dogs don't have any tough life, and it's not a sanctuary if it's a boarding kennel!

Anonymous said...

You donors are crap!! Pay more money!! You shouldn't be wanting to visit!! (Is there identity theft protection for the tour-ers? Do they know they are paying an admission fee to look at BOARDED dogs?)

So where do admission fees get entered into the records?

"Anyone requesting a "tour", must be approved by the the Founder/Director, Tia Torres herself and we usually request a donation as we have to pull someone away from their work to conduct this "tour".

Anonymous said...

You nutters are a gullible lot.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the passionate screaming nutters in the face of the law enforcement report? They were big trash talkers until the cold, hard facts came out. Now you can hear the crickets chirping. Pathetic.

laffin at tia bitch said...

that stuff about "dont come around uninvited cuz we have a big suprise for ya" is classic nutter talk . it probable amuses the pitscum but its going to be offputting for the rich but dumb potential donaters. she may be a grifter but not so smart a one.

Anonymous said...

Has the concerns regarding Tia been forwarded to the IRS? I'm sure some agent would like to make his/her "bones" by taking down this dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

It's even in CA. It can be anonymous, but someone in CA should also talk to a State Representative about this pile of steaming doodoo and CA state laws as well, because some good people are getting it bad. (Some of these donors I think really have gotten convinced that they are "doing good," though I can't see why they didn't research a little)

And since the business activity is getting jammed in under charity, doesn't that mean that Tehachapi gets shorted in taxes too?

DubV said...

I wonder if after the recent reports have come out if Tia has gotten even more questions from followers. I bet her facebook page is being scrubbed of negative comments or questions. Wish I had the fortitude to wade that deep into nutterville to find out.

HiVo said...


I'm curious about this as well. Whenever I go to her FB page, there is no much to be seen about Craven or any of the news reports that are stating facts compared to Tia's lies.

Maybe Tia decided to use her brain, tuck in her tail, and scrub her FB page of any damming evidence of her actions.

Alex said...

Making note to a specific dog breed and/or a person’s past mishaps, is nothing less than a stereotype and misconceived prejudice. In regards to parolees being some of VRC’s employees, I would like to say this is genius as this is a direct effort to end joblessness and poverty that contributes to crime and recidivism. Per the CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation Regional Administrator for Parole Region III, Maria Franco stated, “When parolees get jobs, taxpayers win too. Everyone is safer because employed parolees are less likely to commit crimes and return to prison.” This helps reduce the burden of crime and high cost for taxpayers. As an employee for a county in CA, I am well aware of the negative effects parolee’s unemployment has on our economy. Parolee’s cannot obtain employment due to their past criminal record; therefore, child support is not paid and more than often single parent’s request state assistance such as food stamps, cash aid, and so forth. Please make note that for the fiscal year 2005-2006 CDCR reported 71.7 percent as the recidivism rate for Kern County; the CA statewide recidivism rate was 67.50 percent. Employing parolees decreases recidivism and promotes public safety.

Tia Marie Torres/VRC has a reputable 17 year confirmed track record of compliance with Los Angeles county animal ordinances and no violations.

alex is a phallus said...

Alex said

"Making note to a specific dog breed and/or a person’s past mishaps, is nothing less than a stereotype and misconceived prejudice."

So it is wrong to take a dog's breed into account when making decisions, according to you. Can you explain why genetic variation does not influence the phenotype of domestic dogs as it does all other organisms on Earth?

Also, according to you, it is wrong to take someone's past into account. Really? Kind of makes background checks, credit scores, school transcripts, DMV records, and the like seem silly then if you are correct, no? Of course you judge people based upon their past. It is the surest indicator of what they are likely to do in the future. I'm sorry we don't live in a world where folks like AJ can leave prison and join the FBI the next day, we can all dream though.

Anonymous said...

Tia is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Most of you dont have a heart, and yes there are blacks on her show you ignorant sobs. Tia is a success, there are more of us than you. You are out numbered.

Anonymous said...

You are garbage

Anonymous said...

Wow i can't imagine what could drive such a community of complete trolls other then blind, misinformed, irrational fear. Troll away i guess, just know you are fighting a losing battle. Pit bulls are gaining recognition worldwide as the kind, loving, gentle pets they are and breed bans are falling like dominoes after being exposed as nothing more than mistaken concessions to fearful cowards and nosy neighborhood busybodies.

So all your advocacy to have the the pit bulls of the world euthanized is for naught, you sick bastards. People like myself will continue to own and breed pits and there is nothing you can do about it. :-P said...

People learn behavior as time goes on... either for good or bad.
Most of us are trying to do good and we all need and deserve chances, and a 3rd, and a 4th... You Know It!

And everybodys learning from their own level, and socializing with people from or at their level, but ALL learning and moving forward toward God or the devil.

Help people move towards God, encourage people to do good whatevers their level.

I don't know about Pitbulls but they are animals that can be taught love or not, just like people. PEOPLE DESERVE CHANCES everyday to do better.

On another note - Our Justice System Sucks - not enough chances. The only reason You, yes you haven't done jail time is undoubedly because you didn't get caught. We all need time to learn and change, and lots of chances.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

caught doing what?

Anna said...

Dogs can't be taught to love. They aren't people. They are predatory carnivores. They are happy to see you because they are hungry. If they still want to snack, and they are strong enough, they will eat you just like they ate Bethany Lynn Stephens.