Saturday, March 5, 2011

the pit bull community speaks

first up:

(pit bull owners, if you want to learn about the pit bull, join and

'Pit Bulls & Parolees' planned relocation sparks Facebook fight

I wish they'd relocate it to the trash can.

Help the dogs, whatever that's fine. Cashing in on tv shows is bullshit. It quit being about the dogs a looooooooooooong time ago!

Funny she always claims to be broke, but now all of a sudden she can afford to pay for road improvements??????

chef kergin:
rescue nut jobs are worse than fur mommies. i'd sign whatever i had to to keep a bunch of parolees and second hand dogs away from me and my family. it might sound insensitive, but most of those dogs are probably better of being pts. last thing an average person needs (or the breed for that matter) is a "rehabilitated dog" that's liable to pop off with its mouth without warning, especially if they were "rescued" from a fighting operation, whatever that is. if the dogs aren't exploited then they'll end up on the news for something negative. it's all about the money for this woman, as it is for most groups like that (best friends, etc.). and you can bet the network the show is on is about one thing only, and it's undeniable - $ money $.

sorry for the double post but i just finished watching the news clip. idiots threatening an old woman via facebook DEFINITELY makes the breed and those associated with it look good :\ . jesus h. christ people.....i know we've been losing the war against the apbt for a while now but folks are just shooting themselves in the foot with behavior like that.

Lee D:
all them mutts need pts, and she needs some help for her hoarding ways. gotta staff of
greenies, fresh outt the klink that dont know dick about them dogs.
nice fuckin show

I've watched the show and it's a bunch of mixed up mutts taken care of by people, who for the most part, don't know jack about these dogs. Try watching the episode where she goes to help the lady with the man biter.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tia's Hoarding Hell will be in the news for years.

Just wait until some innocent little teenager suckered by Tia's fairy tales goes out to visit the "cute pitties" and gets raped by some ex-con with a rap sheet a mile long.

Or it hits the news that this has turned into the Aryan Brotherhood Vacation Compound.

This is like the death knell for APBTs

Anonymous said...

It's morons who don't need these dogs in the first place that got them sent them to some dumb bitch who's trying to make a quick buck. I agree with the posts you copy and pasted from both "pitbull" forums - the dogs and the dry hole starring in the show need put to sleep. And don't get me started on the ex cons. I'd agree with having probates volunteering their time for community service to any animal shelter, but this is a recipe for disaster putting parolees who have a track record of being repeat offenders with dogs who are unpredictable around any animal or small child.

snarky boy said...

tias hoarding hell? is she in heaven or hell? i dont think the dumb bitch knows herself. i do know hos and madams lose their looks overnite and tia maria's not looking so good lately. a picture is worth a thousand words. maybe goddess karma is turning out to be a real kick ass broad just like tia


fuck me once ,fuck me twice, fuck me thrice and see what happens? who is skank-talk like that intended to impress? maybe all those bimbo supporters can relate to being fucked over thrice but dont see what madam tia maria is doing to them. (metaphorically speaking)