Friday, March 25, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 03/25/11

rip Baby
03.23.11 phoenix, arizona Baby an old blind, diabetic cocker spaniel mix had to be euthanized after 2 roaming mutants attacked her in her own yard. Dave McGee and his son came to her rescue, they were bitten. the shit bulls ran off and bit another person during their joy ride. they are under 10 day quarantine and not surprisingly, no one has claimed them.
raw video of the 5 ac officers, a dozen cops and unknown number of fire personel trying to capture the mutants.
this is one of the ugly frankenmaulers.
"i'm sorry again"

Dutch - BEFORE Nanny Dog
Dutch - AFTER Nanny Dog
03.25.11 UK 4 month old Dutch was savaged by a nanny dog during an early morning walk. his neck and jaw were broken. Mike Sellick said the nanny dog came out of nowhere and hit his malamute puppy like a train. the mutant ripped the puppy from his leash and killed him in seconds. the female pit nutter showed up after Dutch was dead with another dog of unspecified breed on a leash. she said she only had one leash and she thought no one would be in the park at 6:30 am. when the police arrived, ms nutter handed the mutant over for a dirt nap because it was "mad".

03.18.11 germantown, maryland attacked by a shit bull during a leashed walk. the pit nutter wasn't at home and she is blaming contractors for leaving the gate open. she was cited for having an unlicensed dog. next week she will rack up a couple more citations: at large and unwanted contact. police might pursue potentially dangerous dog charges.

03.20.11 memphis, tennessee the rottweiler and pit bull next door to Susan Fish dug under the fence and attacked her rat terrier. Fish was bitten saving her dog. the mutants next door have been returned to the pit nutter who has promised to take them out into the country where no one can hear you scream. the rat terrier survived surgery but still may have to be euthanized. meanwhile Susan is still waiting to find out if the mutants are up to date on their rabies shots.

"mixed breed"
03.20.11 fulton, missouri DON BEAUCHAMP'S "mixed breed" dog (mentioned 5 times in the article) will be euthanized after biting a neighbor boy. BEAUCHAMP blames the bite on the boy's "big pit bull" which attacked his dog the night before while his "mixed breed" dog chained was out in the front yard. BEAUCHAMP said nothing will be done to the pit bull dog who caused all of this and he added that someone took the pit bulldog "out in the country". the police department's official response: we know nothing about the previous dog fight.
fast forward two days and the fulton city council is meeting to discuss their dog problem. BEAUCHAMP showed up and voiced his support for a pit bull ban. "I personally, after I seen what happened Friday night, I would ban Pit Bulls. They’re too dangerous. If something latches on and it won't let go, what do you do?”

03.21.11 hixon, tennessee a german shepherd and a pit bull attacked a 3 legged dog. the gripping dog came after Bear's owner when she tried to chase them off. her husband shot it but it survived.

03.20.11 canada a pit bull broke free of its 22 yr old nutter and killed a leashed yorkie.

03.22.11 UK a nanny dog attacked a 43 yr old woman as she walked her dog. no word if her dog was injured. the shit bull is described as brown and white with a pink collar. the nutter is described as 30-40 yrs old 5'4" slim and shoulder length brown hair. she was walking 3 dogs. drop a dime on this nutter today. 01202 222 222

12 lb LouLou
03.22.11 boca raton, florida LouLou + shit bull = $6000 vet bill and she still may not survive the attempted evisceration. in addition to having her stomach ripped open, her leg muscles are shredded and trachea and esophagus are damaged. the shit bull attacked 3 dogs and killed one.
the white and brindle frankenmauler was wearing a blue bandana and is still on the loose.

03.23.11 internet chatter A pitbull came in my yard and killed my poodle what do i do ?
i love d him and i am very upset !

03.23.11 los angeles, california an off duty cop shot a shit bull that was attacking a neighbor's dog. it's not clear if the mutant survived.

11 yr old Dot
03.23.11 UK Jaqueline Buford picked up her little dog when they encountered a nanny dog. the nanny dog knocked Buford down and grabbed Dot and did what gripping dogs do, shred their own species. Dot was rushed to the vet, she will probably never walk properly again. and of course Buford is getting the around with the usual UK clusterfuck aftermath of dog attacks. the council, the police, the RSPCA and the dog warden each have a different answer about who fields the complaint.

03.25.11 UK a nanny dog/boxer cross attacked another dog.

03.22.11 logansport, indiana a frankenmauler named POISON jumped the fence to attack the neighbor's shit bull. 7 yr old Dakota Lincoln was bitten trying to break up the fight. ISREAL MORAN-RESENDIZ is the owner but 31 yr old ZANDRA LORENA MIRANDA was charged with the misdemeanor for failing to restrain. RESENDIZ turned the ugly dog over for a dirt nap because the shots were expired. not to worry ISREAL, INDY PIT CREW to the rescue!

03.24.11 pecos, texas the humane society was hosting an event and a frankenmauler got off its leash and killed an 11 yr old jack russell terrier.

03.23.11 san antonio, texas a frankenmauler killed a dog.


north carolina LUCY the frankenmauler got loose and attacked a horse last january for the second time in three months. the ugly thing was traced back to CORTENEA WINCHESTER. she denied the dog was hers. WINCHESTER admitted in court this week that it was her mutant but claimed the neighbors are exaggerating how often her shit bull got loose. it only takes ONE time. she blamed her daughter for the slip up. WINCHESTER is whining about restitution. the nutter has no job and can't afford the $937 vet bill or the $50 ac fine. i get the feeling that she thinks that she has paid enough with the dirt nap.

UK the nanny dog that attacked 2 police horses was spared a dirt nap. 33 yr old pit nutter SAMANTHA SIMMONS must neuter TYSON and keep the mutant leashed and muzzled or else...

canada remember the merry christmas home invasion? animal control is refusing to release the name of the pit nutter TO THE VICTIM! Jim Reeve's poodle Max was killed and he is trying to get his $2500 vet bills paid. the pit nutter has been charged and STILL animal control will not release the name to the victim. WTF?

georgia AKIL KONTAR'S mutants attacked two dogs last month. the judge spared their lives. KONTAR said he was sending them to ohio. the judge said KONTAR must disclose the name and address of the mutant's ohio destination. KONTAR paid one victim $2881 and promised to pay another $2200 by the end of the week. KONTAR paid the other victim $1700


south africa Darwin attack a 75 yr old man was chewed up by his own shit bull as he gave wiggle butt fresh water. a neighbor saw it and called for help. police shot it but not before he suffered serious injuries to his arms, legs and stomach. IOL news describes one of his hands as being de-gloved.

erie, pennsylvania a shit bull and a chow attacked an animal control officer. he emptied an entire can pepper spray on them but it had no effect. police shot the pit bull and the chow ran off.

otero county, new mexico convoluted story of 2 men shooting/killing 2 pit bulls after one of them was bitten. let me know if you sort this out.

dayton, ohio a pit bull was shot and killed during a drug raid.

enid, oklahoma police responded to a call for loose vicious dogs. the shit bull was shot and killed. the owner is unknown. the other dog described as large black and brown was captured and the owner charged..

plainfield township, pennsylvania JEREMY KRUGH'S wiggle butt was shot and killed by police during a domestic dispute call. i think i love this reporter Paul Carpenter, he writes, The only happy news out of this episode was that the pit bull got its lights turned out after he dined on the police officer, although one story put it more euphemistically, saying Krugh "had it euthanized."
Carpenter wraps up his coverage of KRUGH with this comment:
We hold people accountable if they let loaded guns fall into the hands of children or otherwise cause harm or death. The law should do the same in the case of people who choose to own a breed of dog with an irrefutable reputation for being dangerous.

and a stabbing

philadelphia, pennsylvania a 24 yr old man was attacked by a shit bull. he turned pittie's lights out. spyderco all the way!


19 yr old ROBERT BARNEY and his weapon dog, MIGHTY
lee county, florida this punk tried to make good on a death threat against a neighbor for daring to complain about his shit bull running loose. BARNEY sicced his mutant on her. WINK reports that he has a criminal record but it is not available on line. this is a florida first.

cleveland, ohio Police went to a house in the 6300 block on March 13 after being told a pit bull attacked a woman in her living room. Police cited the dog owner for failing to register a dangerous dog. sounds like another Darwin attack.

memphis, tennessee LAUREN INGRAM'S loose pit bull was shot by police 2 weeks ago now it is in quarantine for biting a man despite trying to hide it from police and forcing them to get a search warrant to retrieve the mutant which resulted in another charge against her. she won't get this dog back (and i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want it back) but she will make a federal case out of it anyway. she said in an email "I know that winning in court isn't much of a realistic idea but winning in the court of public opinion is more of what I was gunning for." a facebook campaign is no doubt in the works as i type.

australia one year ago this nutter lost her arm to her 3 yr old staffy/pit cross ROCKY. KATHY said that ROCKY was just protecting her granddaughter from the remote control that she was holding :) KATHY is sad that ROCKY is dirt napping.
"I'm sad about what happened to him. He was a lovely dog and he was never vicious." KATHY BONIC


Lindsey said...

It's always heart wrenching reading these weekly reports, but it's so important that the information is out there. As hard as it is to look at pictures of torn and sewn dogs or the dead ones like poor little Dutch, it's important for people to see what these dogs are capable of.

It's entirely possible the 19 year old's criminal record isn't online because he could've been a minor at the time he committed those crimes. In that case, the records would be sealed. I hope he gets serious charges out of this and does some hard time.

"He was a lovely dog, and he was never vicious". Except that time he tore your arm off. People like that really put the "nut" in nutter.

DubV said...

spyderco "justice" mule

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like the stainless version too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i wish had the time to cover all of the human victims. this fuckery about dog aggression is natural and "oh, that's what dogs do" and minimizing animal aggression is one of the driving forces behind this blog.

normal dogs don't spot a puppy from 100 ft away or a second story building or a moving car and launch into assassination mode.

Anonymous said...

"dog aggression is natural and oh, that's what dogs do"

From the category of 'Jerks' in the game of Jeopardy, an incorrect answer for this one is, "What do dog owners say?"

Trebek: "No, I'm sorry. We were looking for, What do pit bull owners say? We would have also accepted, what do douche bags and assholes say?"

Jake said...

Speaking of Spyderco -

(had to correct one of the details in the post, no way to edit so I deleted it and reposted the corrected version)

I carry an Endura Wave Model 4 and it's a great tool, easy to open in an emergency and the point is extremely sharp. A couple times when I've pulled it out carelessly, I've accidentally touched a finger or thumb and it took awhile for the bleeding to stop.

(The last time that happened was a few weeks ago when Baby Girl and I were walking through an alley and a gripping dog climbed up on some junk behind a concrete wall on our left. The creature could have easily jumped over and was staring intently at Baby. I pulled out the knife as I was expecting it to jump on us, but it stayed put - otherwise I might have had my 15 minutes of fame)

DubV said...

Yep Jake, IMO they are the best knife maker in the world per dollar spent. Most knives with similar materials and quality cost 50% to well over 100% more.

Jake said...

DubV, I found that out the hard way.

I'd bought a Blackhawk CQD Mark 1, which on paper looked like a great knife. But to open it you have to press hard in just the right way, on a small button, and simultaneously pull hard on a small and slippery grabbing point to open the knife. That bothered me as I realized that in that adrenaline drenched moment of panic, when I really needed it, I'd be sitting there fumbling around with the thing trying to open it.

So that's when I got the Spyderco. Big improvement - it's so light and unobtrusive that I always forget I have it clipped in my pocket, and opening it is a no-brainer.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i had grand plans for dogman jeopardy a year ago. i think you have the right idea dude. pit nutters are a much richer source of material.

fixed blade for me.

Jake said...

@Craven - Have to tap dance around California laws. Blade length restrictions, which are somewhat less onerous if it's a folding knife, but it can't be a switchblade, etc etc.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i deal with a similar knife law.

DubV said...

I bought a few switchblades when younger as a novelty. They now sit in a safe. Given a good sheath and position, a fixed blade is faster to deploy. After that, a waved blade like jake's (snags on your pocket and opens) is second fastest. The last classes to parse are switchblades, assisted opening (basically a legal switch), and manual-opening folders. The manual opening folders are actually faster and safer than a switch or assisted blade. Most switches or assisteds require a safety mechanism so they do not go off in your pocket (people carry without the safety on but I wouldn't). So, you must extract the knife, take the safety off and then deploy. A manual-opening knife with a hole in the blade or a stud on the blade and also a smooth action has no need for a safety and with 30 minutes practice you can use a flick of the thumb to open the blade as quickly as a switch/assist. Total time on the manual from pocket retrieve to opening is faster because no safety manipulation is involved. I wouldn't carry a switchblade for defense even if it were legal here.

This guy spent more than the 30 minutes I suggested.

Jake said...

@DubV - wow that guy is a pro

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about a fixed blade is that it's easier to find models with a hand guard between the handle and blade. A "quillon." (I had to look this up so I hope I have the nomenclature right.) Notice this feature on a bowie knife.

I have seen some tactical folders that swing a hand guard into place upon opening, but can’t recall who made them.

It's not hard to imagine your grip getting slippery with sweaty palms and pit bull goo after contact. Losing your grip if you happen to stick the point in a rib on the down swing could have a nasty result.

I have one of the knives with a safety and open assist design, and for me, it is a tad slower than my push to start and wrist flick opening Buck knife. (I’m not endorsing those brittle steel Buck knives, but it was affordable the day I lost a knife in the snow.)

I'm happy to live where I live. Any knife is slower and has less reach than the .380 I recently picked up :-) I'm still not in love with the idea of one in the chamber on a gun with no safety, but the pocket holster covers the trigger and the long, somewhat heavy trigger pull is the safety. It's safe, but the whole idea of carrying this way takes a little getting used to. If your training dates back to your youth, when it was hammered into you that you never chamber a round until you're in position and ready to shoot, conceal carry is a bit of an adjustment. But now, let summer come! I’ve finally got something easy to conceal in shorts and a light weight Tee - especially when summer makes it so much harder to hop a fence or run because you’re cruising around in flip-flops.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

nice bowie knife but it looks like it exceeds my legal length limit.

i've had my eye on this one for a few months:

Jake said...

Nice -

The law here is that you can't carry a knife concealed unless it's a folding knife. I don't want to walk around like Crocodile Dundee with a big knife, that just won't fly at work.

So I have the next best thing - a folding knife that stays comfortably clipped in my pocket and is very easy to open when needed.

Dorothea Malm said...

Everything Dark said

DubV said...

Maybe something like this, Dude?

This is the companies store. As I wrote on here somewhere prior, NEVER buy a knife directly from a factory. The price is always inflated there (either to make you feel like you are getting a great deal when you buy from where they expect or else because they don't want to deal with small orders much).

A push knife like craven linked to is a good choice too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is a video demo in that push dagger link. you can see just how effortlessly you can inflict maximum damage on your assailant.

* warning to B12 starved bimbos, you will be offended.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dub V! I noticed in the video he called the guard a double hilt. I'd heard that before but couldn't think of the word and it didn't come up in my search. I actually like the knife in your link enough that I've booked marked it and will visit that page later. My first reaction was a little alertness which is an early symptom of "want that-itis."

That push knife looks interesting but I've never handled or used one. I'd like to see one in a store sometime.

Who knew that reading Craven's blog might be a step towards becoming a cutlery aficionado? :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I missed the video at the link before. Good stuff! You see where he’s hitting that pig carcass? Through the ribs – into the lung area. You can use this vid for the anatomical reference points to hit the lungs on a pig dog.

I’m impressed and can imagine some real possibilities. Imagine carrying these on both sides – being bilaterally armed the way he is. If you’ve spent some time on a weight bag, you know your left jab is your fastest punch, but not your big punch. (Left jab if you’re right handed or the reverse if you’re left handed.) Imagine snapping your jab out there with a push knife. Oy-veh!

I’m coming around… thinking push knives kick ass.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add on the push knives... It looks like the sheath could be worn on the belt also. I'm not sure what others might think it is, but it wouldn't occur to me that it was a knife. If a case had a top flap, it could look like a cell phone case or some kind of handy dandy multi tool. Always nice to be inconspicuously armed.

DubV said...

No prob Dude, that blade is over the legal limit where I'm at. So, be careful to check your state knife laws, unless you are in a position where they don't apply as much (LEO, etc). Concealed carry in my state doesn't apply to knives, only guns. So, you can have a .44 magnum under your jacket but still can't exceed the arbitrary 3.5" blade restriction. This one is a bit shorter, and there might even be one like it closer to 3" if you look around the catalog.

DubV said...

I'd probably try to anchor the push knives' sheath deep in my pocket. That way, it keeps it oriented handle up and when you grab it the knife comes out and sheath stays behind. Similar to the philosophy behind pocket holsters. The back edge isn't sharpened so it shouldn't tear clothes, but could snag.

DubV said...

Here's a small one I carry on my keychain. It's nice because it is small and will always be on you. It is built out of excellent materials and is not to be triffled with.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like that little key chain knife.

Jen said...

Are you people that sick. How much hatred can someone have to a breed. I have owned 4 pits that have ALWAYS been great, never attacked another animal or child. I had a pit that protected a young girl from another dog without even attacking the dog. The ones you need to blame are the owners who are irresponsible. I now have a pit I rescued when she was 8 weeks old. She is the most lovable creature I have ever had, plays with the cats and is super gentle. For you all to classify every pit under the same catagory is ridiculous, and in such I will start posting other dog attacks that aren't only pits. I have a jack russell that wants to attack every dog and she is only 10 lbs. The other day she was trying to start a fight with the pit, you know what the pit did? Looked the other fucking way. I hate people like you. A dog is a dog and in such will be territorial. I can prove that not every dog attack is from a pit. Grow up and find something better to do with your life. Maybe someone will put you to sleep instead!!!!!How would you like that? If someone didn't like you, is that your solution. You can't promote that a certain breed of a dog be eliminated, it's like saying that a certain race should be eliminated. SICK you people are SICK

Small Survivors said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

Small Survivors said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

Rag Doll said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

Rag Doll said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

DubV said...

Oooohhh, good idea Jen, spamming always make you look more credible and less psychopathic!

Anonymous said...

You ought to be fair and publish about attacks by other breeds, it's not just pitts. Pitts can be wonderful dogs if they are raised correctly, they need extra structure. I have a pitt mix now and he helps me nurse baby animals and is the gentlest dog I have ever encountered. I meticulously trained him and taught him never to bite even in play. He has thus far helped me nurse a puppy, two kittens and a baby bird. He picked up the kitten and puppy very carefully and set them inside the house when they wandered. So, I am not inclined to condemn the breed as a whole. I was attacked by a Doberman as a child and I don't say all of them are evil, your focus as well as the medias is far too narrow.