Friday, March 11, 2011

"I'm not a rescue nutcase"

the kern county planning commission unanimously voted down TIA'S shelter/rescue application last night. TIA packed the hall as promised. her army showed up donned in "racism is the pits" t-shirts while TIA looked like she was dressed for woodstock.

Peter Belluomini briefly described the process and introduced TIA who was met by the thunderous applause of her rabid followers. out comes the gavel and a sharp warning from Belluomini about future outbursts. contrast that with the biased evil media's description as a "warm welcome". funny how bakersfield now reporter JOSE GASPAR failed to mention that the crowd's kidult like behavior violated the meeting protocol and ticked off the planning commission.

TIA presented her case, opponents and supporters gave their 2 minute statements. the sheriff's office and the fire department were present to field questions and take the heat. they reiterated their opposition to TIA'S SPECIAL request to operate a BUSINESS in a RESIDENTIAL area. then TIA was allowed to present her rebuttal. here's where things really get interesting.

TIA had in front of her a copy of the sheriff's report and felt the need to deconstruct it.

first up, the stolen motorcycle. TIA stated that the search warrant was thrown out and waived two pieces of paper from a court transcript proving it was an illegal search. (one and two. carefully selected pages that supposedly prove AJ's innocence but don't). TIA then claimed to read from the police report listing the motorcycles as 2 different make/models and said AJ sold it to another parolee who she blamed the stolen bike on.

TIA went off an a tangent about the 18 registered sex offenders in Tehachapi and asked if two armed sheriff deputies also checked on them. it was at this point, i thought we might see a charlie sheen type breakdown.

TIA also did an outstanding job of smoothing her relationship with law enforcement, first by stating she had in her possession proof that Detective Dantice's partner was caught shoplifting and then she slung a little mud at tehachapi law enforcement by holding up a community service sign up sheet with the name of a tehachapi cop's daughter on it.

interestingly absent from her defense of the sheriff's report was a denial of AJ's aryan brotherhood connection. :)

other points of interest:
TIA was asked why she was leaving agua dulce. she replied that the property was co-owned with another and the other owner wants to take it over.

TIA made previous comments to the media that even without the permit to run her business in a residential area, she intends to move to the OWR property with as many dogs as she liked as long as they were not offered up for adoption. the county corrected this misconception and carefully spelled out that animal control approved 15 dogs IF and ONLY IF the conditions were met that they outlined in their report.

the county also expressed concern over future projects stated on the villalobos website that were not included in the application: on site private training, pit bull work shops, adoption cabins and 1000 miles of hiking. TIA's response: the pit bull workshops are off site, the private training is now done in hollywood, the adoption cabins were just a dream of hers and finally, my favorite part of the evening: "I'll admit, the 1000 miles of hiking was kind of a marketing idea, it sounded good on the website." i will translate this for her gullible supporters: "I'll say anything in to bring in more donations". TIA launched into some sort of blame the county game. she stated that when she initially called about the permit, she was told to put everything on the application that she thinks she might like to do, even if it is 20 years from now. she said she was misled by the unnamed person on the phone. except that the unnamed person didn't instruct her to put it on her website, he told her to put it on the application! STUPID!

in the end, the planning commissioners said the RESIDENTIALLY zoned property in the old west ranch was not appropriate for her COMMERCIAL permit. TIA has the right to file an appeal within the next 14 days and the planning commission encouraged TIA to have an environmental impact study done ($80K).

tehachapi news


Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Erika Baumgardner said:

"I am just wondering why Animal planet isnt stepping in to help Tia?! I am really wondering now about the motive behind the show now! I am a regular viewer of them, and watch alot of the shows. But its just making me wonder? And what about Shorty frm pit boss? Maybe he wld step up and help. Does anyone have any anwsers about this? Please let me knw!!!!"

The main and probable assumption is that Animal Planet probably knows about Tia's wrongdoings and blatant lies and do not want to be connected with that any further than they already are. So in order to keep making a profit and stay in the clear, trying to either deny or refute obvious plot holes and lack of facts in Tia's actions and reports would seem absurd ( from a business standpoint) and ruin not only any extra profit they can attain, but their company's name as well.

Although the name of Animal Planet has already been tarnished in my eyes.

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Diane Harrison said:

'Heard the news and my heart is breaking for Tia, her girls and all the staff, friends and family of VRC. With how you have been treated by some of the people of Kern County, I think it's time to up sticks and find somewhere that will value you and what you can do for the community. These people don't deserve you. Keep your chin up. I am sure something will come along that will make things better. I am so sorry you have to go through all this turmoil when all you are trying to do is something good."

If you meant that the community does not deserve a rise in criminal activity, bullying, and death threats that were "loosely" initiated by Tia posting private information on her facebook page then Kern country certainly does not deserve to experience or be associated with Tia and her group.

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Pam Chambers said:

"Somebody set Tia up for failure from the start with the disinformation she got. There was no way they were going to approve it. The OWR residents just added fuel to the fire by attacking Tia on grounds that were not pertinent to the discussion regarding the location. The Commissioners wanted her project,but couldn't approve it at that location."

The only person who set themselves up for failure is Tia herself. If she was not a blatant liar and grifter than i assure you that the process of her getting a licensee to move her "rescue" to kern would have gone a lot smoother with little bumps in the road.

It is very hard to hide the inconsistencies within Tia's stances when there is video, written, and verbal proof attained by police, news reporters, and Animal Planet that negate almost if not every single standpoint that Tia had in the first place.

I have not seen or heard the meeting reports, but I assume this commenter believes that Tia's harboring of criminals, dangerous man biters, lying about or skewing criminal activities within her compound as "insignificant" in the final judgment. it is sad to see so many idiotic humans.

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter T.c Stewart said:

"the hell with shorty...that lil punk. he is just in it for the money and fame...he could really care less bout our pits...its just a paycheck to tia and her crew...they are the tru soldiers on the front line fightin this battle...and its felt all the way here in southern illinois...much love guys"

Do any of these people that Tia lied about:

- capacity to handle fire.
- number of dogs at villalobos
- original purpose of pit bulls
- needing money when she makes almost a million on t-shirts alone
- her hubby being part of the Aryan Brotherhood
- her hubby trying to kill a cop
- drug use going on within the compound
- theft going on within the compound
- filing of IRS papers (or lack thereof)

What else am i missing here? She is just as much of a grifter if not more than Shorty is. As her business seems a lot more profitable and organized. And what's even sadder is that idiots like T.c are falling right for her pyramid scheme.

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Roger Gingras said:


It appears (according to his FB profile) that he comes from the class of 83 who seems to be in his 50's. Surprisingly, a lot of the illiterate commenters and writers on Tia's facebook seem to be well over 25. Maybe that is why they can't understand your entries? Maybe you should dumb down the content in your journals to preschool level.

Truth Hurts said...

Commenter Erika has a 12 year old son so one could presume that she is at least 26. From reading this second comment she posted it's amazing to see an adult woman with the mental capacity and understanding similar to her son, at least in writing.

"What is the EIR? And what does it do for Tia? I wrote on the FB wall of Ellen&Animal Planet. I plan to do some letter writing, to make it more personal. Then I am going to E-mail anyone I have an add. for!! Did anyone start the petition on yet? I hope they get tired of hearing frm all of us AND DO SOMETHING! The pitty's won't go to shelters and be held for adoption and helped! Deathrow will be thier fate!!! Espc. with all these ridiculous laws in place! I AM SO FUMING RIGHT NOW!"

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Dawn Towes-Lopez said:

"it embarrasses me to live in bakersfield with such people that would object to the great work Tia does for the pitbulls and the parolees!!!...if there were more people like Tia in this world, it'd be a WAY better place!!!"

If you look at his profile image he's sporting a "racism is the pits" shirt featuring Otis.

I would bet that if more people were like Tia Torres, then the world would be in a hell of a lot of trouble. I'm sorry, but the less grifters and miserably confined animals that are forced to live in those conditions, the better.

Truth Hurts said...

On Tia's facebook, commenter Tony Beasly said:

"i need some advice please...i have a rescue pitty he is great but he is agressive with people coming to the front door..he growls and barks and has the neighbors scared of him..he is not agressive tword me my husband and 19month old daughter..but anyone else who comes to the door he goes off please help me before the neighbors decide they don't want him around...thanks"

I foresee someone either getting bitten or seriously mauled in the near future... hopefully if it has to be anyone, it will only be the owner. After trying to get help from some people on Tia's facebook, he had this to say:

"he is 3yrs old..i have tried to get a trainer and there are none in our area Henderson, ky that will work with an agressive pit..i keep him in the bedroom now when people come over he is ok if i get him up before he knows anyone is here..he is fixed"

"ty therisa...that is what i was wondering i didn't want to put him up cause i was afraid that would make it worse...i will be trying this he desirves a good life he is a good boy he just not had the best humans around and it seems to me he... is more afraid of people than agressive but they don't c it that way...he will eventually let another woman pet him if i'm around but he won't even take a cookie from a guy...i think he might have been a bait dog aswell he has scares all over his back end and neck...he is a great dog with us and i hope one day others will c what i c in him aswell"

I find it amazing that more people are presuming that the dog's aggression is possibly (and i stress that heavily) due to him being a previous bait dog, despite there being no proof of this. I would find it more likely that the previous owner encountered this aggression once the dog matured and was smart enough to send it to a shelter.


On Tia's facebook, commenter Cindy Rae Mundy-Eno said:

"Lets stay focused people, the dogs are the reason that Tia does what she does. Lets keep puttin the word out there that these beautiful animals are wonderful pets and companions. That's the best way to help VRC, to make sure that the un- and ill- informed are enlightened. Stay on the path."

Tia's Fans Are Imbeciles said...!/VillalobosRescueCenter/posts/10150105716451143

Just look at those well formed and logical comments! :)

Anonymous said...

" her army showed up donned in "racism is the pits" t-shirts"

T shirts that are sold NOT to help pit bulls, but to help Tia's bank account and to buy Escalades and Jeeps for her felon husband and trashy daughters

And apparently her Aryan Brotherhood husband's racism is ok!!

Anonymous said...

Erika Baumgartner, Tia's husband belongs to the Aryan Brotherhood! Tia spent 0 on programs, and pit bulls are just being caged, not helped.

If you want to help pit bulls, the worst thing possible is to support Tia Torres. She is an enemy of these dogs.

Erika, do you understand that this is a BUSINESS for Tia and her brood? Where do you think the money for all those expensive cars and motorcycles comes from? And the food for the big cats? It comes fom donations, and selling junky T shirts!

From people like you, Erica, who got tricked into supporting this and thought you were doing good.

You need to grow up and stop getting used!!

As for the rest of these Facebook followers, apparently they are fans of the Aryan Brotherhood. That doesn't bother them at all!

Donations are not being properly used to help any dogs.

Dogs were used like a weapon to beat dollars out of donors pockets.

Do any of these people understand how they got tricked?

Anonymous said...

This sordid episode pissed me off, so I wrote a song about it:

MONEY FOR NUTTERIN’ on the APC (Ani-maul Planet Channel)

Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play the Lion Tamer on the APC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nutterin’ and it’s all tax free
Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya, Pitrubes sure are dumb
Maybe lose your little finger
Maybe gouge Otis’eyes with your remaining thumb

We gotta install adoption cabins
Big cat cages,tee shirt deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
We gotta drive new SUV’s

See the little felon haulin’ poop in the pickup
Yeah buddy he’s from Tia’s lair
That midget felon flyin’ to Denver on a airplane
That midget felon he's a millionaire

We gotta install adoption cabins
Big cat cages,tee shirt deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
We gotta drive new SUVs

I shoulda learned to play the nutter
I shoulda learned to exploit the dumb
Look at that mama, breakstickin' in the camera
Man we could have some fun
And Otis up there, what's that? Growlin’ noises?
Rippin’ off faces like a chimpanzee
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Sendin’ money for nutterin’ get the con-labor for free

I want my
I want my
I want my APC

Anonymous said...

Who were the vermin from New York that showed up to this fraud?

The East Coast Aryan Brotherhood Networking Squad? Pit Bull breeders?

Anonymous said...

Tony Beasly, and all you Tia followers, Tia is making a mint of money.

Take your stray pit bulls, your unwanted pit bulls, your vicious pit bulls that Tia said were just "misunderstood" and load them up and take them to her at Agua Dulce.

She has space, because she dumped most of the dogs she had!

She says she is in it for helping pit bulls. Let's see her put her money where her mouth is.

Why let your kids get killed by the vicious pit bull?

Ti Torres is making up toward $100,000 a month because you followers buy stupid T shirts from her. That's just the T shirt money, there's also the money she gets from the show, the boarding, and all the other businesses, including the business of whining for your money and to promote her so she makes more money

She OWES you her help! She OWES you, take those pit bulls to her!

Anonymous said...

"Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play the Lion Tamer on the APC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nutterin’ and it’s all tax free
Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it "

Anon, your song make me laugh out loud, but you have totally summed up this scam charity and everything it stands for!!

She hooks into these dumb women and dweeby lonely guys and plays on their emotions

"I just want to help the poor pitties" and they get SUCKERED!!

This piece of crap isn't doing anythng to really help pit bulls. She's hurting them! She's screwing them over even more by exploiting and promoting them so more get bred to die. There are people are out going frigging broke trying to spay and neuter them while she hangs out with puppy mill pit breeders and helps the dogs suffer more.

This is all a big money take, a big drain out of the pockets of the stupidest people on earth.

Anonymous said...

"If anybody would've told me this would happen, I never would've bought the property," Tia said.

Funny. If TIA bought the property, why isn't she on the deed? Had Tia bothered to actually ask and do some research and not just assumed she could bully her way in with death threats, I'm sure anybody cold have told her that her plan wasn't going to fly. She's a bully who's used to getting her way, and now she's pitching a hissy fit because it didn't work out the way she imagined it would.

Kern County was MORE than generous allowing people without a horse in the race to come in and speak at their meeting. Ultimately, however, it seems like they actually listened to the only people whose opinions of the situation really matter, the people who would've been most impacted by having the hoarder living next to them.

Anonymous said...

Quotes from that skank Brandon Bond (the one who killed one of the Vick pit bulls, isn't he? ) who is involved with Tia's Animal Planet show producer, Michael Dinco, who is also Tia's public relations emoplotee

"and I can personally vouch for that as we have provided her with a LOT of loot,"

"Anyways, Shorty is a great guy. He spent a lot of time in prison, which is how he knows Tia, he was actually in the parolees program at villalobos I think"


Anonymous said...

Nice posting CD.

I also watched the live stream. I wanted to verify my assumption that the person sitting next to Tia (always in the camera shot) was Roni Raczkowaski, the real estate agent and co-title holder to the Techachapi property. It looked just like her, wearing their cult uniform. Tia looked, well, let's just say you can't put lipstick on that pig.

Belluomini did an excellent job of dumbing down the procedure for the pit cult, explaining how it would work as if he was speaking to 2nd graders, which by the way is most of their mentality level. He must have said three to four times, "THIS IS A LAND USE ISSUE" and we don't care what you think about Tia. So, as per usual, the cult does not compute and proceeds to get up and waste everyone's time by shoring up their cult leader. It was classic blind cult mentality. Once again, the nutters dig their own grave.

The burly guys from New York are with a canine rescue group called RESCUE INK. They had a brief show on National Geographic but it only ran for about a 1/2 season.

When the commission asked Tia why she was leaving where she was, she replied that she co-owned the property and that other person wanted to take it over. OK, I need to go back and listen to that again. If you co-own would you not have equal rights? I am sure that onion has many layers. It says on BlockShopper Los Angeles that the current property, 36220 Anthony Rd, Santa Clarita Valley CDP, CA 91390 is owned by Nancy Anderson. However, if you go down the page you will see some pretty fancy foot work. There is a Sales History (1992-present). I think that Tia was kicked off the property.

Tia thought she was so slick and was going to slither right up the mountain and set up camp while thumbing her nose at the good folks of Kern County. Well, well, well, the powers that be spoke and their answer was NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

Anonymous said...

Here is the video on Tia.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the live feed and reading the nutters fb comments at the same time. It was hysterical and went something like this.

(It is looking good for Tia:)

(Oh I agree, very good for the poor pits!)

(Look how pretty Tia looks.)

(She is beautiful inside and out.)

(Oh, wait not sounding so good for Tia now.)

(I hate that guy who is talking.)

(Tia is too good for them.)

(I wish that old guy would die of a heart attack.)

(I don't understand what he is saying.)

(What does he mean?)

(Are they saying no to Tia?)


Then it became very apparent to me that most of these Nutters did not even read the staff reports. The first guy that started talking was just reading the staff reports that CD put up on this site. I guess Tia's fb person did not want to post those findings.

Anyone who reads this site knew how the proceeding were going to go. Tia had to know how they were going to vote. This is just another example of Tia not informing the Nutters.

The band of misfits she brought with her were no help. What about that one guy that said he could fix the road with a bucket of dirt and stomping his foot to pack it in. (This was after the actual guy who fixes the roads said that during the rainy season the mud can be thigh high). Then the nutter went on to say that all you need to do to put out a wild fire is to wet down your land with a hose. I think I even saw Tia grimace in pain.

The residents that did stick up for her where mostly being paid by Discovery.

Oh, and did anyone catch the fact that Mondo was going to get married up at Tia's new place. What? Was that going to be episode 3 of the next season?


Does anyone at Animal Planet ever get embarrassed by the programing?

I love what someone called them earlier. Anamaul planet.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you for the link to the meeting. i included it at the top. i considered buying a transcript and uploading.

thanks for the facebook comments, what a precious companion to the meeting!

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"Hello, my name is Tom Richardson. I’m from 2831 Panama Street here in Bakersfield, California. I’m President of the Tri City American Pit Bull Terrier Club and the Golden Empire Terrier Organization. Um, I understand that this is a land issue and not a pit bull and scary people issue so I would just like to sit here and talk about the noise being a problem. Um, you guys have got race cars and rocket ships shootin’ around there."

This is where I had to stop the video, back up, let it buffer and replay. “Rocket ships?” Tehachapi has noise problems from race cars and rocket ships?


Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Fast forward with Tom Richardson …

"I need Tia Torres in my community because I need help. I no longer speak the language of these kids; I no longer can reach them. The other day I had to call the police out to my house because some kid let his dogs come up to my fence to fight with my pit bulls and I told the kid he needed to have his dog on a leash, needed to have control of his animal, and the kid looked at me and said heck with me, let my dog out, that his dog would kill my dog. And I just said don’t you see? That’s what I’m trying to tell you; that’s not what I want. And I went and I called the police, and, and, frankly all is I could do is cry. The truth is, I need people like Tia and the people that she’s gonna bring into our community. They’ve got a – seems like funding that’s not going to be affected by the economy, and if you could, please show some compassion and give them the chance to mitigate any concerns that you guys may have brought up, and I thank you for your time and for listening to me."

I would like to have asked this guy how this situation would have played out if a neighbor’s child was walking a springer spaniel? What if the elderly lady up the street was walking her sheltie? What if a young mother was gardening with her toddler in a stoller? If this guy’s verbal confrontation with a pit owning punk was enough to make this pit bull advocate cry and call police, does he not see the bigger issue with unregulated pit bulls in neighborhoods?


Happy4Tehachapi said...

Nice to hear Tia whining about discrimination from people in Tehachapi. After posting the name and phone number of her soon to be neighbor, publicly berating her as hateful and mischaracterizing her concerns, (causing this poor woman to get telephonic death threats!) Tia is suddenly the "victim?"

In the language spoken at Villalobos, Tia is a two faced, CONniving cunt. Cheers for the people in Tehachapi brave enough to give her the what’s-what and send her packing. There would have been a lot more residents speaking against the plan had she not succeeded with intimidation tactics. I believe the panel was able to understand the lack of opposition in the audience, and the fear these residents had of being targeted for reprisal.

Anonymous said...

What I find odd is that Princess Tia can't even take the time to have one of her nutters update the facebook page after Kern County basically kicked her out. All of the pit nutters are crying and wringing their hands and Tia has no response?

Then I just saw this

"I know you're all anxious for updates on "next steps" but don't worry, Tia is going to have something for us. Right now, it's volunteer day and there are tons of great volunteers who showed up, they are keeping everyone hopping. Should be some happy dogs, thank you all!"

Typical Tia. Dumb bitch. Hopefully just one nutter will get the message that she does not care what they think. All she wants is their money.

What a bunch of sorry losers.

Anonymous said...

I saw her face book page as well. They are sending pleas to Rachel Ray and Ellen. I am doing my part and sending this blog to both of these gals as well!

Another one of my favorite comments on the face book page is,

"Does anyone know any rich people that can help Tia?"

Yes, I know some rich people. Discovery, Animal Planet and Tia.

Anonymous said...

The ‘Perfect Murder’ would be done with pit bulls.

1) Start with animals that have the physical ability to kill.
2) Enhance their aggression with conditioning and training.
3) Release them on your target.

Pit bulls without microchips or other identifiers are untraceable.
Pit bulls cannot be stopped without extraordinary measures.

In the event you are linked to the animals and apprehended, there are numerous ready-made defenses.

1) Say they’ve never been aggressive before. (The dogs made this choice - not you!)
2) Blame the victim for provoking the dogs or “acting wrong” before or during the attack.
3) Claim you didn’t train them to be that way.
4) Sometimes dogs get out or slip out of their collar. That’s an accident. (Shrug your shoulders.)
5) Accuse any opposition of “racism.”
6) Or simply claim the pit bulls are not yours. (If you’ve been seen with pit bulls, who’s counting?!)

You can…
1) Get rid of an unwanted child, a step child, annoying neighbor kid or difficult adult children.
2) Stop alimony payments to an ex wife.
3) Take out an insurance policy on someone you have no use for.
4) Finish business with an old enemy.
5) Get rid of a business partner or competition on your corner.

The possibilities are endless!

They can match wounds and projectiles to weapons, trace them, prohibit their ownership, intercept, remove, jail for possession, but what about pit bulls?

Pit bulls are the perfect unregulated weapon!

Doesn't everybody understand why it makes perfect sense to pair up pit bulls with parolees?

Anonymous said...

Torres opens up her plea to the counsel saying the actress Katherine Heigl (is she still an actress?) has promised a grant to help spay and neuter all of the pit bulls in Kern County.

Who think this sounds like a bribe?

Does Torres need to live in Kern County to accomplish this offer/bribe from Heigl?

Will Heigl only offer this "grant" if Torres craps all over Tehachapi?

If so, sounds like a bribe to me.

Katherine, do the right thing and honor your offer. Contact the Animal Control officer of Kern County and make good with your offer! It would be a great roll for you.

Anonymous said...

"Roni Raczkowaski, the real estate agent and co-title holder to the Techachapi property"

An employee of Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab Utah! (another fake charity scamming people out of their money to stuff in their pocket while pretending to "care about animals")

Best Friends is in the Aryan Brotherhood thug and scam Hoarding business!

Anonymous said...

"is owned by Nancy Anderson. "

Nancy Anderson is Vice President of Villalobos! She's ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS! And she also is running some kind of animal "charity" deal where she too is begging for money.

On the IRS paperwork, it says that donation money is being used for RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Well, here's another scam going!!

TIA IS PAYING HERSELF RENT USING DONATIONS. That isn't going to the pit bulls! This is a BUSINESS for her to personally profit from.

Do any of the followers understand how this scam is being run? How the money is being shuffled around? How the fleet of Escalades and jeeps and motorcycles gets paid for?

If these two co-own this Agua Dulce property, paperwork they are filing with the IRS states they are paying themselves hefty RENT.

This is a money shell game, and the dogs lose.

They also are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in vague "improvements" that add to the value of their personal property which they can then sell at a profit and POCKET THE MONEY!

Does anyone understand the exploitation of these dogs?

Does anyone understand that they are being lied to by a self-promoter cashing in, not doing good.

I am outraged about this whole scam. This is NOT ok!!

Anonymous said...

"I think that Tia was kicked off the property.'

I think there was so much crime going on, and the neighbors were being preyed upon and abused, that they were told look, leave or we'll remove the license.

This was obviously a haven for crime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine

Remember when some of the residents talked about hearing gun shots in the area?

They are shooting pit bulls.

Tia was all upset about anti-freeze. That is small time.

Anonymous said...

"Oh I agree, very good for the poor pits!)"

TIA is not very good for the "poor pits!

Do these idiot cult followers not understand that she is hurting the pit bull cause, and laughing all the way to the bank with money the donors thought was helping the pits?

She comes up with the "poor pits" stories as a way to get people to GIVE HER MONEY! There are no "poor pits." Many of them aren't even rescued, they are boarded and have owners by her own admission. They should be home with their loving owners, shouldn't they, not stuffed in cages?

These idiots that claim to love pit bulls don't even care that the pit bulls are getting hurt and ripped off!

Anonymous said...

"The residents that did stick up for her where mostly being paid by Discovery."

I think that is true. I think there was money changing hands.

Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet, lover of the Aryan Brotherhood, is a total, animal victimizing moneygrubber.

What would be the point of supporting a scammer who hoards dogs in cages and treats them like garbage, while spending no money at all on any programs, but lots on cars and expensive toys? What "neighbors" would support that? What sane person would support that?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone at Animal Planet ever get embarrassed by the programing?"

No, Animal Planet and Discovery are run by moneygrubbers who will exploit anything for a buck and lie lie lie.

After all, how would David Zaslav of Discovery afford to buy those 25 million dollar condos in New York?

They don't care if the animals get tortured. They don't care if pit bulls get exploited for a scam. They don't care if naive, gullible people get tricked into sending money that helps NO pit bulls. Cash is king.

Zaslev should be getting his Aryan Brotherhood friends to hang out at his NYC condo. It has 7 bedrooms and 8 1/2 baths!

Anonymous said...

" I need people like Tia and the people that she’s gonna bring into our community. "

Tom Richardson, Tia is hanging out with breeders that are selling dogs to people like that kid at your fence!

Tia is helping these breeders breed more and sell more and exploit more pit bulls!

(Perhaps you are a breeder, Tom, which is why you love Tia?)

Anonymous said...

" believe the panel was able to understand the lack of opposition in the audience, and the fear these residents had of being targeted for reprisal."

Tia and Animal Planet and her cult followers had instigated death threats directed at residents.

Many were afraid to come.

They truly would have been risking their lives.

Remember that Tia's husband is ARYAN BROTHERHOOD. These "parolee" friends of Tia and her husband had been involved with drugs, identity theft, and stealing where she was.

It was dangerous for a resident to attend this meeting!

(And Tia complains about discrimination and racism? It's ok for her I guess)

Anonymous said...

"my name is Tom Richardson. I’m from 2831 Panama Street here in Bakersfield, California. I’m President of the Tri City American Pit Bull Terrier Club and "

And MONEY interests strike again!



This is ALL about money, promotion, promoting selling pit bulls and making money off pit bulls, and tricking naive "dog lovers" into helping breeders exploit these dogs!

I wonder if Tom and his friends report their breeding income?

Do Tia's donors know they are helping Tia promote pit bull breeding and breeders so more pit bulls can get abused and abandoned?

Anonymous said...

Remember that these scuzzy breeders have gotten an AKC breeder lobbyist to be the Kern County Animal Control Commissioner and abuse the animal control department, protecting breeders from laws, and enabling the puppy mills and hoarders.


The AKC needs those puppy mill dollars and breeder registration fees to keep going, and the Janices of the world use local government so the NYC rich people breeders can keep cashing in.

The people of Kern County are getting abused thanks to breeder industry companies like AKC in New York!

You don't have a breeder lobbyist running animal control, or the animals AND the people suffer!

Anonymous said...

"They are sending pleas to Rachel Ray and Ellen."


Rachel Ray and Ellen Degeneres get to party with the Aryan Brotherhood Pit Bull Hoarders Fake Charity Scammers!

Anonymous said...

Janice Anderson. Janice Anderson. We need to run her out. Lets do a forum on her. Anyone with me?

Anonymous said...

Discovery supports Tia. Tia supports her husband. AJ is in the Aryan Brotherhood. Need I say more?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

in addition to tom richardson, did you catch the rescue angel candice lawler?

"my husband and i rescued a pit mix who needed a $1200 c-section that we can't afford so we had to solicit donations i am studying to be a vet tech my dream is to have rescue."

FUCK! were these kooks supposed to be HELPING tia or hurting her?

Anonymous said...

The Nutters are simple minded fools. Tia is the cult leader. Cult leaders know how to part simple minded fools from their money. Some times these fools can move from the pack and help other fools like Candice. Tia would not be pleased!

karma's pooch pal said...

tia: i quess lady karma's not the pit luving dingbat you thot. that sense of being mooned behind your back is very real. its all the good people out here not in cloud cuckoo land. are you ready to come over to our side yet(not)?

Anonymous said...

Tia - we are glad you are gone! Do what ever study you want. Discovery has nothing on us.



Go back to the rock you crawled out from! Bitch

Anonymous said...

um, um, um, um, um

Anonymous said...

Janice Anderson is involved with NAIA

NAIA is run by the AKC board member who is responsible for the AKC's puppy mill business. AKC spends millions lobbying and opposing laws so the puppy mills (and also dog fighters, hoarders, etc) can flourish

The dog breeder industry says there should be no regulation of dogs so they can continue to cash in.

The AKC also opposes dangerous dog laws, or tries to weaken them to meaningless. The AKC supports fighting breeds killing other breeds. The AKC is like a terrorist organization. INSANE! It is all about the money to be made in dog breeding.

Janice Anderson and NAIA and the California Federation of Dog Nazis oops! Breeders were bringing in a breeder affilated no kill lobbyist to push this anti-regulation thing at Kern County on behalf of all these breeders and puppy millers. They think they can trick the animal rights types into supporting the breeders just by calling anti-regulation lobbying "no kill."

Keep in mind that Janice Anderson is the commissioner of Animal Control in Kern County! What the hell is a lobbyist for puppy mills and the dog fighters that AKC supports doing in a public safety position? Well, opposing laws, just like a lobbyist is expected to do, for her industry. Working for the rich nuts in New York City, so the money flows from the breeders and millers of Kern County into those expensive AKC offices at Madison Avenue in New York City. KERN COUNTY GETS SCREWED! These breeders cheat on their taxes too, thanks to lax laws, which is also part of the point of opposing breeder licensing, for example!

This is the kind of thing that everyone needs to be aware of in their communities. If the AKC lobbyist breeders are on animal control commissions, then people and animals suffer terribly. The AKC contingency is about one thing- protecting the profits. That's why they get on these commssions and boards, to control their own neighbors and oppose laws that AKC and the mills don't like.

(And one way they are trying to "sell" this to the naive is with this No Kill scam!)

This is part of the reason that Kern County has been so afflicted with the puppy mills, hoarders, dog fighters. Their friend runs animal control and makes sure no pesky laws slow them down!

Anonymous said...

So what kind of gullible female would get suckered by Tia's grifting, attracted by the Aryan Brotherhood and crime angle, all that money NOT spent on programs, ignores the hoarding and pits jammed in cages, and about every other form of disgusting scamming going on?

Well, here's a fan, JILL DAVID, a wonder from San Francisco

Message left by Jill, who appears to be unable to do her research and figure out that all Tia is helping is the pit bull puppy millers cashing in on the pit bull fad, and her brood and the crooks that feed off the donations

This supposedly educated Jill David gets taken in by a grifter and donor abuser, and that's her "inspiration?" Maybe Jill doesn't mind the Aryan Brotherhood connection? Who knows? All you need to do to pull one over on Jill is to mumble a bunch of lies about "racism" and "genocide" and Jill loses the capacity to evaluate.

Now imagine Jill as your neighbor doing "foster care" for a fighting breed.

"Jill David
Attn Nor Cal! Tia & team, I went down for your hearing on Thurs and while I was there, I picked up 3 dogs from the Bakersfield shelter with 2 local volunteers on behalf of Rocket Dog Rescue in SF. One is a 1yr female pit & I am currently fostering her. I want to let you know that VRC's work has been and continues to be my inspiration. I am doing this in your honor and letting people know you are my inspiration"

Anonymous said...

Here's how deaths happen. Put Rocket Dog Rescue of San Francisco on the "placing dogs irresponsibly and could be responsible for a mauling list"

So this pit bull that this Jill David is fostering for Rocket Dog Rescue? That they picked up at Bakersfield pound when they went to Tia's hearing?

These girls don't know anything about this dog except that it's messed up, but THEY ARE ALREADY TRYING TO SELL THE DOG ON CRAIGSLIST!!

That dog could have killed someone's pet, bitten a kid, attacked someone. They got it with no info from a city pound!! It's clearly a messed up dog, abused, a very likely dog to snap and attack without careful handling.

But they'll just sell this dog to anyone who will take it.

Check out this comment by these people advertising this dog on craigslist

"I have not met kids yet, but willing to give it a shot with adult supervision."

They have no idea if this dog will kill a kid or not, but they'll "give it a shot" because of course they want to unload this dog ASAP and then tell themselves how wonderful they are after they dump it! This is all about their egos, not what's best for the dog or for their adopters!

These are people with ZERO understanding of dogs and especially zero understanding of the special care that fighting breeds need, no understanding about what successful rescue is really about, no understanding of anything but being bleeding heart dangerous people trying to get an ego lift from being essentially dog dealers.

This SF Stonestown Galleria Pet Food Express should get phone calls asking why they are letting goons like this fool around with the public and put people and other pets at risk. This Rocket Dog Rescue and this Jill David are already pushing this emotionally frail dog at a freaking pet store event, the WORST kind of situation for a dog with this background, before they even know anything about the dog. I mean, this is abuse for this dog too!

This kind of danger and abuse to these dogs is what Tia is creating among the stupid female class.

Anonymous said...

Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco CA and this Pali Boucher seems to be another byproduct of the "feed off the pit bulls" fad and cash in

Boucher has as many stories as Tia, and seems to be trying to imitate the Tia image, all the emotionally manipulative stories sound highly questionable, as she of course asks for MONEY!

Another failed artist with mondo ego, but who is managing to collect off the taxpayer AND sell dogs and self-promote at the same time

She's mishandling pit bulls like she is with this Bakersfield pickup, trying to sell them to any taker before she even knows anything about the dog, and she's claiming she's "helping" them? She might as well kill them with the bad rap she's helping to expand! This is not rescue! This is dog dealing.

Oh, and all this while she's feeding off the taxpayer and living in SUBSIDIZED HOUSING in Bernal Heights! (Try getting a job, Pali, instead of expecting donors to support you! And how are you affording insurance Pali? Are the taxpayers going to pay when there is a mauling? Are you reporting the income to the gov?)

The San Francisco Chronicle interviewer is more than likely Christie Keith, lobbyist for the AKC puppy mill racket, who of course exploits pit bulls as she pursues her breeder's interest in opposing regulation (in part by pushing the breeder no kill racket). Pali doesn't even have a clue about what a scumbag Keith is and the abuse that AKC and breeders like Keith support. She's just knows she's getting promotion.

And selling these frigging dogs on Craigslist like they are used clothing.

This is "charity" gone very wrong. Bad for dogs, bad for people, this 501c3 exploitation is getting out of control.

Do these pit bull cultists wonder why there are so many bad stories about pit bull attacks when there are "rescues" like this doing incredibly stupid things with these dogs, and just selling them like things? Shoving them in homes with kids when they don't even know how they are with kids? Dog dealing, putting them in situations where they are doomed to fail? This is about the worst way possible to handle pit bulls. People like this are screwing these dogs over, and all they want is attention and donations.

Anyone who really cares about pit bulls should be coming down hard on exploiters like this.

Anonymous said...

And you know what else she wants to do? Shove these fucking poor dogs into a fucking WAREHOUSE!!

And she wants idiots to send her money to abuse these dogs this way.

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of these "rescuers" that was exposed as a hoarder get busted for a disability scam?

Ain't disabled if they can handle selling large, active dogs all day long, travel all over picking up dogs to sell, as well as grifting for money and self-promoting.

Anonymous said...

And she got several rescue dogs killed in a fire a few years ago. Very mysteriouisly, her own dogs weren't in the place.

This is all going on at taxpayer expense.

Cramming all these poor dogs in a tiny subsidized hole. This is just cruel.

Who would send money to support this?

Anonymous said...

Well, Tia has given her "Offical Statement" via facebook.

Basically, it sounds like Animal Planet is trying to figure out what to do with her.

Then it doesn't take long for Tia to turn her official statement right back to Tia.

"And despite this sad outcome, there were a few things that came out of that meeting on Thursday night that did bring some satisfaction.

The first was to be able to address local law enforcement and their wrong information about my husband, my family and myself. To be able to stand there in a very public forum and have the court documents in my hands and be able to contradict what their letter showed was worth its weight in gold."

Correct me if I am wrong, but don't all jailed convicted criminals say they are innocent?

The best thing that county ever did was to get rid of Tia and her element.

Then Tia actually bought the praise the commission gave her.

"Then to have the night end with the commissioners final words of praise and appreciation for our program, well it validated every decision I have made for the past 17 years. It also sent a strong message to the room....shame on you for your hateful words. Shame on anyone who tried to shut our program down. Anyone who came there with harsh words for us should've left with their heads hanging down. That is what those words from the commissioners meant to me.

After the hearing, many asked me,

"how can you be smiling?"

My response, "Are you kidding....did you hear those commissioners??? We ARE doing the right thing!" Their words gave me strength and power to go on. To keep trying."

You know all of the commissioners got together and decided that they had to try and smooth over their final decision. What better way is there than to play her game? You don't need to dig very deep to figure out that Tia is an egomaniac. So, what do you do? Feed the ego. Tell her want she longs to hear. Tell her how wonderful she is as you slowing sweep the trash out the door. Can you imagine the sigh of relief when that freak show left town?

Now there is a precedent set for the next town that Tia tries to invade. Kern county should be commended for doing all of the foot work for the next town.

Then she swings back to what Tia knows best. Money grubbing.

"And yes, I may need your help and it may be a little bit of a struggle but remember...we are Pit Bull owners. Isn't that what we do? Being an owner of this breed, every day is a struggle in dealing with society in the way it treats our dogs. It's trying to appease ignorant neighbors or hateful bloggers. It's having your children's friends not being allowed to come over because of judgmental parents. And yet, our dogs know nothing of the hate surrounding them. They continue to wag their tails and give big alligator size kisses, never knowing that those around them want them dead. As unsuspecting as a child, they love unconditionally.

So we continue to try and educate and ignore the ignorant. Just like any good dog trainer, you must ignore the bad and praise the good. If you don't your insides will eat you up.

But let's not forget what they say about us Pit Bull people....."though we may not start the fight....we will definitely finish it"

Words to live by.

Tia Maria Torres"

Words to live by? Hurry get in line for the Kool-aid. I think it is tiger blood flavor!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good job tia keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

....."though we may not start the fight....we will definitely finish it"

She's proud of the annihilation served up by the fighting breed. The big lie is that pit bulls don't start the fight. No other breed launches murderous, unprovoked attacks on innocent victims with such predictable regularity.

And for the record, she started the fight in Tehachapi. Tehachapi finished it.

Good riddance to conniving trash and her legion of dupes.

Anonymous said...

The people Tia has duped via her show are like those who watch a dating reality tv show, fall in love with the main personality, and then try with all their might to get on the second edition of the show. Too credulous and desperate for words.

Anonymous said...

I think its kind of wierd that any legitimate rescue group, with this kind of worlwide exposure and fundraising ability, would not have lots of affluent benefactors willing to buy a place and set her up. The problem is, I am sure anyone who was considering sinking money into her organization, once they have their lawyers do a little homework, decide against it.

The only reason Animal Planet would be unwilling to simply buy a property and set her up is because they can't risk the liability she poses. I think if anyone looked at her books, they would realize they can't touch her with a ten foot pole.

Anonymous said...

I read Tia's official statement and what is glaringly missing is a THANK YOU to the nutters. Tia launches right into her favorite topic. Herself and her reality show.

"Right now our "higher powers to be" are gathering to decide what direction to go in."

blah, blah, blah she continues,

"Thankfully we have an awesome network (Animal Planet) standing behind us and our production company (44Blue) is riding shotgun."

I thought Tia was concerned about rescuing pit bulls not where she can film her non-reality show. What the hell does she mean by the "higher powers to be"? huh?

Out of all of the decent canine rescues out there Animal Planet pick this waste case?

No pit nutter left behind said...

I propose Tia's Law. It is related to Poe's Law (if you know of that). It goes..

Tia's Law

"Without clearly indicating that you are satirizing, it is impossible to ridicule a pit nutter by caricature to the point where: 1. your writings cannot be confused with those of a sincere pit nutter and 2. a sincere pit nutter will not agree with you and come to your defense."

Anonymous said...

44 Blue Productions

Small Survivors said...

I love Tia's Law! It's so true.

I remember someone saying something similar...something like, "I am not a crook."

It seems like this statement alone gurarantees us a fantastic spectacle as she self-destructs.

Anonymous said...

" our production company (44Blue) is riding shotgun.""

We already know the "producer" of the show is her public relations employee.

But NOW we hear that Tia may be pulling in money through the production company TOO! ANOTHER for-profit business of hers!!

MORE MONEY! as she begs for donations from people who can probably barely feed their kids, or are living on welfare

She sure isn't telling these gullible followers about all the money she's personally collecting. She crys poormouth when She's RICH!

Anonymous said...

"The first was to be able to address local law enforcement and their wrong information about my husband, my family and myself"

This Aryan Brotherhood wife stood and came up with a bunch of new empty stories about the stolen motorcycle connected to her husband, a long time felon who keeps re-offending (but is the President of Villalobos!) It sounded like a typical day in court where the crooks come in with the low-rent lawyers and make up stories about why they "didn't do it." All of them claim they were innocent, they just do that automatically to weasel out and avoid taking responsibility for themselves.

But what about the drugs, the identity theft, there's been crime up at Villalobos for some time.

And all that persecution talk, the fakeo racism T shirts, and her husband is ARYAN BROTHERHOOD! Racism is ok to people?

(and there's NO SUCH THING as racism for dogs. Trying to compare dogs to minorities is the worst racism of all. But Tia does that to sucker the dumbass housewives and stupid girls who would have a problem if they found out about the Aryan Brotherhood thing.)

What kind of piece of shit would hide that from the followers she constantly hits up for money!

Tia Torres has done more to hurt pit bulls, exploit them, perpetuate the fad, encourage her breeder friends to breed more and sell them to thugs, encourage more overbreeding which is why the shelters are full of them and they die.

Tia is PROMOTING pit bulls for breeders. Her breeder friends thank her! And these dumbass followers give her money to screw over pit bulls even more.

Anonymous said...

"But let's not forget what they say about us Pit Bull people....."though we may not start the fight....we will definitely finish it"

So Tia has made a public and terroristic threat. A threat that sounds like a threat of violence.

And she thinks this is helping the "rap" of pit bulls?

She's threatening people, this scumbag. This scumbag connected to Aryan Brotherhood, attempted murder, theft, identity theft, teenagers overdosing at her place, and a million other things, is THREATENING people?

And meanwhile, IRS paperwork says ZERO dollars spent on programs. ZERO ZERO ZERO!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"i am not a crook"

those were the famous last words of richard nixon.

Anonymous said...

I was just on Villalobos facebook page and one of the pathetic nutters was asking if someone could please let Tia's supporters know how much money they raised during the Kern County episode.

The nutter goes on to say how hard they all worked to raise money and was just wondering how they did.

Poor little nutter

Anonymous said...

The money that buys Escalades Jeeps and motorcycles!

These pit bull nutters are the STUPIDEST.

They just believe some scammer who tells them lies on a TV show or a Facebook page or a website or some interview? The people in the media doing the interviewing don't even know what scams are going on!

All that money wasted could have spayed and neutered thousands upon thousands of pit bulls! There would be fewer suffering now, but these "pit bull advocates" gave their money to a scammer.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thought that Best Friends Animal Society was not involved in this terrorism and crime, they would be wrong!

Best Friends is right in the middle of all this Aryan Brotherhood, death threat, criminal activity and scamming and lying.

Meanwhile Best Friends keep getting rid of their dogs and paying more money to more parasites on their staff to fundraise to pay themselves big benefits and salaries, houses. Another scam!

Best Friends is just another bunch of scammers, lying to people to get their money, and then screwing animals over.

They don't spend their money helping animals either!

"Villalobos Rescue Center
This is a wonderful letter generating program set up for us by Best Friends, if you haven't done your letter, it does all the work and all you do is fill in your info and click Send. I guess they're accepting letters until March 10th meeting, so for those who haven't yet done one, here's another chance. Thank you Ed and Best Friends."

Anonymous said...

California Pit and Rott Breeder Carnage may be viewed here:

Kern County makes an appearance since Pits are the leading biter there.

Anonymous said...

So, now the pit bull fanatics are lining up to defend someone associated with the Aryan Brotherhood? How classy.

It's ironic that this rescue sells shirts decrying so-called canine "racism" despite the fact that its owner is married to someone who is actually racist! A good person would not marry someone that belongs to a white supremacist group.

What a bunch of sad, pathetic losers. I wouldn't want some psycho, racist hoarder of fighting dogs in my community either.

Anonymous said...

Tia is the leader of a racist cult. Kern county was so lucky to rid themselves of her. There are some really smart folks that run Kern County. They were so smart to run this cult out of their county.

You have no idea how lucky you all are. Thank your lucky stars.

snark dog with shit eating grin said...

i think maybe this whole tia thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup , now that its over. b.t.w. tia that sense of being mooned behind your back is very real. its only the distain of us, the silent majority of sane people who think pit people should extract their heads from their own dog's asses.

Anonymous said...

I just love that Kern County said no! It was so fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I saw on the Villalobs facebook page, in the notes section, that Tia was questioned about her accounting practices. A Tehachapi reporter was pressing hard about how Tia's does her 501c3 books.

I sure hope they follow up on it.

Animal Planet knows. It is called "massaging the books"!

Is Animal Planet above the IRS? Wondering?

Stan said...

So the pitbulls she houses would be better off dead? Miserably confined? Yes, indeed for humans, but not for dogs. Her dogs have a home, get fed, human contact and that is much more than they had before coming to Villalobos. These "miserably confined" dogs greet each human with excitement and happy tail-wagging. My guess is that's more than you GET OR GIVE.

Anna said...

I didn't notice anyone mention that the FBI lists the Aryan Brotherhood as dog-fighters.