Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tall Tales for Tehachapi: the firemaster

one of the concerns expressed by the old west ranch residents is TIA'S ability to evacuate all of those dogs during a fire. TIA thumped her chest stated if anyone can handle a fire, she can and has. oh really.
Torres said that she has and will maintain a solid evacuation plan, after having faced several fires in the Agua Dulce area, including the devastating “Crown Fire” last summer.

“I've been through five brush fires, three of them were on my road,” Torres said. “The Crown fire started next door to me. If anybody has a good evacuation plan it's me.”

Not addressing the estimated 10-minute drive from her property to the relative safety of Highline Drive, Torres said she can have an “army of volunteers” at her property within minutes.

“We don't wait until the fire is here,” Torres said. “We have such an army of supporters. We can have trucks and trailers here within minutes. We want to get out early. Not sit around and protect our home. We're out of there.”
you can read the rest of this article in the Tehachapi News. but for now, compare her delusional arrogance with the real world facts of last year's wildfire in TIA'S own words:
By this time fire fighters began to show up and though our mountain was now fully engulfed in flames and having the fire crews here gave me some relief.
The fire Cpt then came over to me and said we needed to get ready to leave. That's when I became HYSTERICAL and said NO WAY NO HOW. I told him he needed to give us a Plan B and that we would under no circumstances leave the animals behind. He gave in and said..."well okay then. Let's do it!!!" He told us to start at the top of the property and get those animals down first. So we began with the 20 plus wolves and wolfdogs that now belong to the Wolf Connection group. I then called my friends who keep their exotic animals here and they came up and began to get them out in trailers.
...But where were my regular volunteers, dog handlers, wolf people??
...Then I began to PANIC again…
...Within minutes as the fire went over the mountain we heard a big explosion and a big flash. I don't even want to know what it was but IT SHOOK US ALL UP.
i would love to get a hold of the fire captain's version of the villalobos fire evacuation.

you can read ms grace under pressure's entire account of the july 2010 Crown Fire wildfire on facebook.

kern county, is TIA physically incapable of telling the truth?


Small Survivors said...

So, she'd faced several fires before the Crown Fire, and had developed a plan as a result? And that plan was to become hysterical, panic, and beg the fire chief to come up with not one but 2 plans, on the spot.

This is the plan she has for getting the animals out?

One person at Tehachapi who does fire safety work for Old Wes Ranch mentioned that her road was a "one way in, one way out road" and stated that vehicles would not be allowed UP the mountain in the event of a fire, so her army of supporters will be waiting at the bottom of the mountain.

And she is obliged to not only devise a plan that would get the animals out safely, she her plan must also not impede other residents from getting out.

That is an impossible task. And if I had to depend on Tia's judgment to not block my way off the mountain in an emergency, I'd be panicking right now.

Anonymous said...

From the link:
I have no problem stepping up and speaking for someone, especially someone trying so hard to do the right things the right way like Tia,” offered Ken Mixon via email.

So, what happened to this big mouth? Tia's number one inside man (and probably the person who put Merle in danger) took down his facebook page that supports her?

Are you thinking twice about the safety of your vacation home?

Friends Administrator said...

I watched the show of Tia's fire, she was in a panic. Really no volunteers, not even her daughters. The road was blocked to traffic, Tia had to go to the block to get her daughters who were hiding in a horse trailer. Then a pack of convicts on fire duty showed up, how appropriate. They put the fires out. Yeah, sure she had an evacuation plan all right. Yell like hell, and put your head between your knees.

Anonymous said...


NOAH said...

Is that you, Lrod?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to a small clip of the fire episode. Tia says that she has an evacuation plan in her head but that it all goes to hell in a hand basket when an actual fire is in progress. The parolee that is interviewed even says, "there is no plan".

Tia runs around in circles waiting for someone to rescue her! When it comes right down to it, Tia's plan is someone else coming with a plan.

The army of volunteers she is talking about should concentrate on fostering or adopting the pits and Tia should get a real job. Start paying some taxes like the rest of us. I wonder how much tax money was used to pull her ass out of the Crown Fire? She should be forced to pay the city. I wonder if this is one of the many reasons they want her out of the county. She is pain in the ass.

As a matter of fact the Fire Department would not let people up the hill due to the danger. Tia's daughter doesn't care, she had to sneak up in a horse trailer. These people don't listen to authority and will jeopardize anyone that gets in their way. They just throw the nutter salute.

When there is another fire in the mountains of Kern County everyone will be put at a disadvantage when Tia and her "army" tries to get out.

Remember everyone Tia says she has a plan. She left out the part about the plan going to hell in a hand basket when the actual fire event happens.

Keep in mind. If Tia's mouth is moving Tia is lying. That's a plan you can count on.

Anonymous said...

I live in Tehachapi and am extremely concerned about the proposed "rescue" Tehachapi has a pit bull problem already. One area of town had its mail delivery stopped because of vicious pit bulls attacking mail carriers. The dog breed was specifically mentioned by the post master. The Tehachapi News link is below:

The last thing we need is to become a haven for pit bull apologists. And I am frankly very concerned about the Aryan Brotherhood connection mentioned in this blog. Pit bulls should not be put in the same category as companion dogs. They were bred to kill. Simple as that. Hounds bay, Labs fetch, Salukis run and Pit Bulls kill.

I am delighted that those in authority sees the issues and danger associated with this rescue. If Tia really wishes to dedicate herself to these animals, she should do it away from other people. To plop this rescue in the middle of a residential area is beyond selfish.

Anonymous said...

CD - I posted a fairly long comment that did not get posted. Did you see it yet?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 6:02, i just checked and yes, there were 8 comments stuck in spam. i let them all through. let me know if yours came though.

Anonymous said...

CD - It did come through and I want to personally thank you for this wonderful and educational forum. I am thrilled to do my part and help the community of Tehachapi to fight this awful and hateful woman named Tia that is trying to bully her way into this area. IMO she is being forced out of where she is and needs a new place to hide the criminal activity that she promotes. Unfortunately, she has the help of Animal Planet.

I am hoping the people of Tehachapi can band together and stop the BULLY named Tia. She is a low life Bully.

Do not give her an inch. She will take a mile. 15 pit bulls will turn into 150 within months. The best bet is to deny her.

My suggestion is to change that no limit pet law. My city did. Again, band together and make changes. You can do it!

Tia and her gang will be a cancer on your town. Make no doubt about it!

Anonymous said...

What kills me is Tia says, "I have a sanctuary" What the Eff? You have a big ass kennel of pit bulls. You take the worst of the worst and cage them for life. What kind of sanctuary is that? Tia is crazy. They call it hoarding TIA! Then the crazy bitch gets a show! Her spawns join in. Oh those slut daughters should have been in her Las Vegas Whore House. Then again, maybe not. They are to skanky. Stink!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So she's not only boarding people's pit bulls for profit, SHE'S BOARDING OTHER PEOPLE'S WOLVES AND TIGERS AND EXOTIC ANIMALS, and her IRS statement says her charity is buying food for them!

So her donors who think they are supporting "rescued pit bulls" are actually supporting BOARDED ANIMALS (including exotics) that Tia is collecting boarding fees on. And not even rescued pit bulls, but people's owned pit bulls!

This whole misrepresentation of this BUSINESS as a "charity" is a crime!!

Her poor gullible donors think they are helping needy pit bulls, but this is more like a boarding racket for a zoo, and a Tshirt factory. They are helping Tia and her criminal husband and nasty daughters get rich!!

My God, where has this money been going????

Her donors should DEMAND their donations back.

I think these poor people really thought they were helping pit bulls. Sorry, no.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize how much money the taxpayers spent removing her BOARDED ANIMALS AND ZOO for her? Animals she was receiving money for?

She couldn't even get the OWNERS of these animals to evacuate them, never mind volunteers!!!!

Anonymous said...

"And she is obliged to not only devise a plan that would get the animals out safely, she her plan must also not impede other residents from getting out.
And she is obliged to not only devise a plan that would get the animals out safely, she her plan must also not impede other residents from getting out."

This is a woman who says she can do whatever she wants, and expresses great hostility and even violent talk toward people. She doesn't care if people get hurt!

She'll block the road and get people killed.

This is so insane, this whole situation.

When did crooks get allowed to hurt others like this?

Anonymous said...

This Ken Mixon stated in an article that he was only in Tehachapi PART TIME!!!

Some weekends!!

This guy doesn't even live there full time. He doesn't have to live with this circus or get endangered by it.

Anonymous said...

", especially someone trying so hard to do the right things the right way like Tia,”

Oh really Mr Mixon?

Ask where the money that is supposedly for rescued pit bulls goes? All the businesses but zero spending on programs in IRS filings, as well as very little money accounted for.

The dogs who live in cages, is that the right way?

The drugs, the crime, the Aryan Brotherhood?

What relationship does this Mixon have to this whole set up?

Anonymous said...

The question is, is Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet staging this whole sideshow to get some press?

Using the people of Tehachapi and costing them money, and getting their lives threatened, so she and the Discovery Networks CEO can keep getting richer?

The Aryan Brotherhood link doesn't bother Kaplan. Pulling a sleazy stunt like this whole mess is clearly the level she is willing to descend to.

But her buddy at the New York Times promotes her "creativity." That hypocritical Times should know what dirt Marjorie has been involved with, for the simple interest of GREED and MONEY.

And at the end of the day, not only people get hurt, but the dogs do too! Talk about cruel exploitation of dogs and viewers.

Maybe this is the sleazy "creativity" the Times meant!

Anonymous said...

Those dogs need a LOT of activity! They shouldn't be boarded and caged and left alone. How can any attention be provided for that many pit bulls?

* said...

Pit bulls need a lot of one on one exercise in most cases. At least around 1 to 2 hours of outdoor exercise a day. I do not see how she is able to do this with 200 dogs and the most outdoor activity I ever see these dogs get is when a potential adopter comes along which does not seem to be all that often. I do not know how long the parolees work, but even 8 hours isn't a lot of time to work those dogs.

It seems as though her staff is at around 10 parolees and her daughters making that 12 people. That means each person would have to work 16 dogs in under 8 hours... remember! Each dog needs at least an hour of one on one attention. I just don't see this being possible unless she has copious amounts of volunteers.

She should invest that money she's making into hiring more hands to physically and mentally enrich those dogs instead of letting it go lord knows where.

* said...

I've seen that episode you're talking about, P.

If that is her way of dealing with a fire then it's a joke and a boldface lie. She claims to have done this numerous times if I'm not mistaken, and everyone knows that brushfires can spurt up rather randomly and quickly. If she has had previous experience dealing with fires then the episode surely did not show it....

* said...

Anon 2:06

The link you've chosen is hilarious to say the least when it comes to Tia's capacity to deal with fires.

I would also like to add the product link of Pit Boss on the side bar, I find his business kind of suspect as well. Most of the time it seems as though a majority of his attention is towards pit bulls than his business which is meant to promote short people in the acting world. But most of the time all I ever see is his employees chasing after pit bulls and pit bull cases instead of doing what his business says it does on the facade, which is market short people for acting gigs.

Anonymous said...

List of Tia's blatant and damming lies:

1. Claiming pit bulls were once farm dogs BEFORE being fighting dogs.
2. Needing more money to run her "sanctuary"
3. Criminal records within sanctuary's property
4. AJ's (husband) connection with Aryan Brotherhood
5. IRS files
6. Competent and swift capacity to remove dogs from a brushfire.
7. Claiming she did not threaten an old woman with a horde of followers.
8. Her obvious lack of moral responsibility of withholding a secret newsletter only meant for Tehapachi residents.
9. Claiming that she has around 100 dogs when her website shows over 150.

Am I forgetting any?

Anonymous said...

Above, you are wrong...last week she says she has only about 50 dogs. So apparently around 70 dogs dissappeared in a week.

Anonymous said...

California sustained it's 36th Pit Bull DBRF last weekend.

Still trying to get my hands around why all the advocacy for a breed that shouldn't have been created in the first place?!?

dog advocate said...

its a flawed concept embraced by flawed they get that way is beyond me , i only know they and their fugly dogs are out there and at some point will bring me grief.