Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anataisa Bingham killed by pit bulls

terry, mississippi Anataisa Bingham would have turned 7 tomorrow but her life was cut short when she decided to take advantage of the snow day friday. Anataisa was killed by one of several pit bulls that were normally "chained in the woods" behind a nearby home when she went to a friend's house across the street.

the dog responsible for Anataisa's death has scars consistent with dog fighting. no charges have been brought yet as they are still looking for the owner who will face charges although they not yet what those charges will be. the owner could face DEPRAVED HEART MURDER charges. Depraved-heart murder is defined as causing death by an act so reckless that it shows lack of regard for human life.


Anonymous said...

Dog fighters.

Right under our noses. In our neighborhoods. Rich, poor, middle class.

And look at those plywood dog houses. All these people that "care" about pit bulls. Can you imagine how god damn cold it is for a flat coated dog in the snow with just some flimsy plywood junk for cover?

Yeah, they really care.

Friends Administrator said...

Note the SIZE of the chains too.

Anonymous said...

And that chain wasn't strong enough for the killer pit.

Trigger said...

Oh I noted the size of the chains. I nearly died watching the video and seeing that officer carrying the chain of the attacking pit.

It gets better:

"No dogs were in the pen Friday afternoon. The pen was located behind the house where Anataisa was going to get the playmate. Family members of the child said someone came later Friday and removed the other dogs. The occupants of the house didn't own the dogs. Willie Bingham said the dogs' owner lives in Jackson. Pickett said the Sheriff's Department has not identified the dogs' owner but is following several leads."

For some reason, this article was removed or renamed by the Clarion. I can only find it in cache now:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The occupants of the house didn't own the dogs. Willie Bingham said the dogs' owner lives in Jackson."

looking more and more like a dog fighting situation.

Anonymous said...

2nd "chain snappa" to go off property and kill an American in the past few months. How the hell was this crop circle dog yard on a vacant lot tolerated?

Pit Bull Expert said...

Ya know, the very last states in the USA to ban dogfighting were the states where the Ku Klux Klan was prevalent in state legislatures. It would sure be nice if the non-white community would rise up against this KKK-invented weapon in their midst, calling members of their own community on this Uncle-Tomism. Awareness of this history might even get the supposedly respectable middle class community [all colors] to reject the pit bull as a politically correct thing to have.

As someone I know said: The crossover of pit bulls into the black community amounts to a nasty parting shot from the Ku Klux Klan, sort of like poisoning the wells on their way out of town. The Klan could scarcely have left a more destructive legacy...

I think it's a horrible thing that this little child is gone. Her pretty, open little face, really terrible.

But the KKK would (will) be quite pleased. See: Profile of pit bull owner #1082 on this blog.

Can we all -- all colors -- please stop collaborating in this?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...but the white Pit greeders have made a tax free killing selling Pits to the brothers!

I'd love to hear calls from the Pit community for responsible culling of this documented man-killing line.

I hear Crickets.....