Sunday, February 21, 2010

doing what comes naturally

photo caption: Jade and Bear AAAH this is the life
JADE and BEAR the misunderstood mushy wiggle butts, owned by responsible pit bull mommy BARBARA ERB. i don't usually blog about fatal attacks but the comments made by ERB'S husband really disturb me. THOMAS FOWLER says there was a struggle over keys and the dog did what comes naturally, KILL A FAMILY MEMBER.
"She came home high again, her daughter, went to attack my wife and her own dog attacked her, JADE and the police had to shoot the dog cuz the dog wouldn't release her. He swung around, knocking a mirror over and a lamp, her daughter and the dog reacted to it. And unfortunately it ended the way it did. She wasn't a bad person, she was just messed up and we tried helping her." when asked if he was close to his dogs FOWLER gets choked up and says "Yeah, well I was, they were like my family, ya know. And unfortunately we were close to her daughter but how much can you give somebody help. We didn't want this to happen."

notice FOWLER'S repetitive use of language to distance himself from the victim, "her daughter". notice how he chokes up ONLY when talking about the DOGS.

the ERB/FOWLER family hope to get the four pits back that were not involved in the attack.

Fowler says the family owned six pit bulls, all of whom were friendly, nonaggressive pets, which can be viewed here.


Felony said...

Barbara Erb says Jade was her dog. hmmm....

Let the stories begin to collide.

Anonymous said...

Another fatal mauling by a pit owned by a self-identified "responsible owner". Look at those dogs - no scars, no neglect. Why did "Jade" have an ounce of human aggression in her?

Anonymous said...

This is quite a story.

The one out of Florida is also quite a story. Dogsbite needs to update because it wasn't a pit, it was an AmBull. The owner/breeder was Lori Haaker, owner of Haaker's Dream Bulldogs. She supplied the dog that appeared in "Cheaper by the Dozen" know, the one that inspired thousands of families to adopt AmBulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

whether needs to update their blog really depends on your definition of "pit bull". MY definition includes american bulldogs. if you read the history of the two breeds, you know they are almost one and the same dog, especially if you are talking about the performance type known as SCOTT ambulls. these are pit bulls in every sense of the word. don't let the pit nutters convince you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Craven, glad you are such an Internet expert on AmBulls and APBTs.
You wouldn't know a Scott AmBull if it bit you in the ass.
I just love how you and DogsBiteorg. feel you know the first thing about these dogs.
Do you realize how stupid you and Colleen Lynn look to those who know dogs.
I could show you a line-up of 10 AmBulls and white Boxers and I know for a fact that you could not figure out which is which.
Yeah, big Internet expert!

Trigger said...

Stabb's mother:

"I never had a problem with a dog," she said, describing the six pit bulls as "house dogs" that were well cared for and even had microchips installed for identification. "They were spoiled rotten," Erb said. "They were not neglected in any way." A neighbor agreed, saying, "The dogs were very sweet. They never had a problem with them." The door of the house had one sign that read "Beware of dog," and another saying that in the case of fire, rescuers should save the six dogs inside. It listed their names: Paige, Peaches, Maggie, Satan, Bear, and Jade.

Anonymous said...

American bulldogs ARE pit bulls.

This bulldog junk is more deceit by the PIT BULL INDUSTRY to try to hide the fact that they are breeding pit bulls aka FIGHTING DOGS.

Anonymous said...

Oh Craven, don't worry, you are preaching to the choir! I KNOW AmBulls are pit bulls, no doubt about that here. However, Dogsbite is the best weapon our side has and it needs to be exact because every time it posts something that is even slightly off they trumpet it for months. AmBull being reported as pit bull would be used against them and I worry about that.

Anonymous said...

They're talking about the weekend rush at pitbull forum. One of them expressed worry about her dog (and if I'm viewing the mini-picture correctly she certainly should - it appears to be covered in fighting scars). The others are all reassuring her how wonderful pits are and telling her that they all take one of their 2 dogs to the bathroom with them because they cannot be alone together and suggesting she start doing the same thing to keep her kids safe. Honestly, can you imagine wanting to own a dog you could never take your eyes off? And what exactly do they think they will be able to do if their dogs do go for each other or for their kids? Have none of them seen the videos of multiple grown men unsuccessfully struggling to detach one pit from a target? These people are all mentally ill, there is simply no other viable explanation.

Anonymous said...

And the hog dogger comes out to get uppity about Ambulls and proudly display their cracker heritage!

Anonymous said...

"The others are all reassuring her how wonderful pits are and telling her that they all take one of their 2 dogs to the bathroom with them because they cannot be alone together and suggesting she start doing the same thing to keep her kids safe."

I read this to another person who is in utter disbelief that these people exist.

I said oh, you better believe it, and this is how they live, and they expect the rest of the world to accomodate these defective dogs.

Owning a pit bull seriously is a sign of either mental illness or sociopathy or both.

They are fighting dogs for God's sake. They are not pets.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain it to those of you who apparently are overnight Internet breed experts (yes, that means you Craven).

Dog Breeds l01: Lesson 1

An American Bulldog is NOT a APBT.
One more time:

An American Bulldog is NOT a APBT-- no more than a Golden Retriever is a Labrador Retriever.

A Lab is a Lab.
A Golden is a Golden
A Am Bull is a Am Bull
And a APBT is an APBT

They are all distinct and different breeds - hence the distinct and different names.

Get it??

See, that wasn't so hard....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i never said the american bulldog is an american pit bull terrier. i said it is a pit bull.

let me explain it to all of you anonymous manipulative internet propagandists

dog types 101

a retriever is a TYPE of dog: labrador, golden, flat coated, curly coated, chesapeake bay

a pit bull is a TYPE of dog: apbt, amstaff, ambull, dogo, staffy bull, bull terrier

they are all distinct and different breeds, hence the distinct and different names.

Anonymous said...

Cracker breed expert, it doesn't matter because you and your PIT BULLS are on the radar.

Felony said...

Oh my! You weren't kidding about the pitbullforum.

"I have 2 dogs. I don't leave them alone together, so I bring one of them with me when I go to the bathroom. It's easy."

Astonishing that people accept this life as normal.

Felony said...

And surprisingly, they are defending Lori Haaker and not throwing her under the bus. "Good people".

Anonymous said...

No the question the Pit Community doesn't want asked:

These dogs were littermates and are now a documented mankilling line.

What should be done with the littermates to ensure public safety?!?:

A. Cull hard
B. Send to Tia Torres Felon Ranch
C Make Therapy Dogs out of them.
D Adopt out to another home in the community.

Anonymous said...

These Pit Nutters really kill me!...Everyone knows that AmpuBulls are the reconstituted version of the Old-Tyme British Bulldogs that Pits were developed from when Bullbaiting was made illegal.

They were called American Pit Bulldogs until the 1970's and should have been allowed to remain extinct.

The Bully breeders change breed names like felons changing lose the trail of lives, limbs and scalps lost due to their breeding practices.

Two more documented mankilling lines were revealed over the weekend...Cull early and cull often!

Anonymous said...

Boxers are the German version of the pit bull. They have the same English ancestor. That's why they look like pit bulls and many act like them too.

Anonymous said...

Breed ID 101:

"Pit bull" means APBTS and AmStaffs - NOT AMBulls

Using your "logic" I guess then English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Presas ..... are all "pit bulls" too.

You just throw whatever dogs you want into the "pit bull" group as your personal agenda warrants.

Trouble is, it makes you look like an idiot (and on the same ID level as reporters) who know nothing about breeds and their origins.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Fowler, you are one sick fucker.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Everyone knows that AmpuBulls are the reconstituted version of the Old-Tyme British Bulldogs that Pits were developed from when Bullbaiting was made illegal."

and when the american bulldog nearly went extinct, there was not enough genetic material to revive it within strict bulldog bloodlines. they had to cross it back with the american pit bull terrier to bring it from the edge of extinction.

funny, the olde country bulldogge created the orignal pit bull which gave rise to the american version of the pit bull which in turn re-created the ambull.

it's messy and the nutters like it that way.

Anonymous said...


The most accurate description yet.

Thank you to whoever coined that. Craven?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not me.

Anonymous said...

The Hogdoggin' and dog fighting communities are now responsible for 93 American DBRFs in just the past five years...

Time to delist Pits and Ampu-bulls from the roles of domestic pets!

Anonymous said...

Up to 95 DBRFs as of yesterday...

"Legalized Murder on 4 Legs"