Saturday, February 27, 2010

another family argument sends pittie into the red zone


chico bit his 18 yr old owner in the face as he argued with his father in their apartment. the 18 yr old known only as RAOUL, will require multiple reconstructive surgeries to undo the damage. "initially the young victim was so traumatized by his appearance that he told officers to shoot him." RAOUL'S friends say the family owned two pit bulls and chico was "known to have a temper". police have not yet gotten daddy's side of the story. surprisingly, the police can't find him. stay tuned.

lesson: kids, don't talk back to your parents if you have a pit bull in the house.

links with video in case anyone wants to question the media and/or the police about breed identification.


flicka said...

Why would anyone keep a pit bull that is "known to have a temper"? This is an obvious euphuism for simply vicious.

Anonymous said...

I think that I might change sides if pit bulls only attacked their owners.

Felony said...

The half of the retard couple known as Fowler and Erb has broken her silence on the murder of her daughter.

Trigger said...

It's rare that you hear a victim wanting to be shot dead after an attack. His face must have been pretty messed up.

Anonymous said...

I have a Pit Bull and I have established that everyone in my house (even the kids) are the pack leaders. I can discipline my children with my Pit Bull in the same room, and she will not react. My kids can playfight with each other and even their friends they have over, and she will not do anything because we have taught her not too. Sometimes, a dog cannot tell if he/she needs to defend someone in the heat of an argument. This goes for any dog, not just Pit Bulls. You are telling everyone not to argue in front of their Pit Bull, which is really stupid of you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"You are telling everyone not to argue in front of their Pit Bull, which is really stupid of you."

it's a joke. pit nutters are incapable of detecting humor when it comes to their mushy wiggle butts.

Anonymous said...

No it was not a joke. You think people cannot fight in front of a Pit without a Pit tearing your face off, and that is not true. I am very aware of humor when I see it, and that was not it.

Anonymous said...

Later in the story the argument postulate seems to be questioned.

The kid just briefly went back in the house to get a video game.

I don't think there was any argument.

I do think there is a landlord here and a father who should be facing criminal charges for allowing pit bulls. This dog lived in an APARTMENT complex.

Can you imagine a landlord that stupid?

Anonymous said...

"have established that everyone in my house (even the kids) are the pack leaders."

You are drinkling the koolaid of Cesar Millan, someone who has been criticized and discounted even by the dog trainer world.

He wants to make you believe that fighting breeds are ok. He wants you to buy his koolaid.

He's a liar.

You have zero control when a fighting breed goes into red zone. You will be unable to stop the dog from killing your kids.

The pit bulls that are killing seem fine for years, and have owners who think they are pack leaders.

Then it happens.

Genetics trumps your pack leader bullshit.

A fighting dog keeps going till it's dead or you and your kids are.

And even the DOGMEN who breed pit bulls say that pits don't belong with kids.

You are an imbecile for having a pit bull, the fad of the moment, with kids. And many imbeciles like you are getting their kids ripped up every day.

Stop being a weakling and following fads and morons.

Anonymous said...

And Cesar Millan, much like Nathan Winograd, seem to have success at duping in particular GULLIBLE WOMEN.

Gullible women with children is especially sad.

Felony said...

That apartment complex is crawling with pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Caesar's famous dog "Daddy" would have been culled for being a shit-eatin' outlier by the dogmen.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting, I have never watched Cesar Milan, so no I am not taking his advice.
I do not have a Pit Bull because it is a fad. I happened to have rescued her and chose her out of around 30 dogs. Other than this one, Ive never owned a Pit Bull before, and you can say what you want but my dog will never maul someone for any reason, even if there is a fight going on in front of her face. She just os not like that.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon, I doubt very seriously that you haven't taken Milan's advice because you talk the talk. And you are using the famous last words of every pit owner whose pit has mauled or killed. It's your funeral or your kids, or your neighbor or whoever. Closed casket funerals are not what you want to go to but that is what you get when you own a pit, especially a rescue with no history.

Anonymous said...

"I do not have a Pit Bull because it is a fad"


You know, even the hillbilly southern women were smart enough not to let the fighting dogs that their dogmen husbands were breeding into the house.


Pit bulls are not pets.

But the fad of the moment among vacant white housewives in the suburbs is to believe fairy tales about these dogs.

You got suckered, and you are stupider than the stupidest hillbilly. Even the hillbilly wouldn't put their kids at risk for a fad. Even the hillbillies didn't try to emotionally satisfy themselves with a FIGHTING BREED.

Anonymous said...

Dogmen... Do dogmen keep their Pits inside the house and show them love? No! Dogmen keep their Pits outside on heavy chains, and TEACH them to be agressive! Any dog regardless of the breed would grow up to be killers when they are treated like that.
Wth do dogmen know about Pits that are family dogs? Not a damn thing!

Anonymous said...

Another case of "Back-talk" Aggression....which is not as common as "Heightened Sunspot Activity" Aggression in Pit Bulls.

Love these Lion Tamers, on a first name basis with Animal Control, fancying themselves Supreme Alpha Masters, then next thing you know they are leaving a phony name haulin' ass from the Dogpark...

We don't trust your ability anymore than a drunk driver.

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments, I thought I'd accidentally gone to Pitbull Forum! This is my favorite:

"...but my dog will never maul someone for any reason...she just is not like that."

For what its worth, here are my experiences with "trusted" pits who would "never hurt anything":


1. In our family history there is cousin who was mauled by the family pit bull at 7 years of age. The family was white, upper-middle class and definitely not involved in dogfighting or anything illicit - they got the dog as a "lab-cross puppy" and didn't find out she was a pit until it was 2 years old. The dog was a great pet, stayed in the house, slept with the kids, ran around at every family function, it was just a typical family dog. When the dog was 7 and my cousin was 6 (yes, she'd been raised from birth around the dog) she and her sister were watching TV and the dog came into the room, apparently wagging her tail, and grabbed the 6year-old by the head and began to shake her. My uncle had to beat the dog off with a vacuum cleaner until it was unconscious, and it had her for about 10 minutes so she lost about 1/4 of her scalp, the ear on one side, and a good portion of that cheek. She has had 25 + surgeries in the last 22 years to repair the damage and she still looks like a burn victim.

2. I had a close friend, who was also a veterinarian, that had a pit for 4 years and believed it incapable of harming anything. One day she came home and it had killed her cat with which it had been raised from a pup.

3. I have an aquaintance who fostered 4 pit puppies and, at 3 months of age, they ripped up her cat in front of her (when I say ripped up, I mean the cat was in pieces).


Now, I know the argument is going to be that all dogs can bite a child. When I was a kid I had a bad bite on the hand from a Sheltie and a bite in the face from a Doberman. But I still have all of my fingers and all of my facial features because neither of those breeds hangs on and shakes until what it is locked onto is dead.

Frank C. said...

The problem is when people assume pit bulls aren't going to do damage.

1. Your aunt and uncle failed by leaving the dog alone with the child, even though raised from birth.

2. Your vet friend should have known better than to leave a dog loose with a cat, and same with #3.

All failures on the owners behalf.

Sad most people don't realize the responsibility involved in managing an apbt if you plan on keeping it as a pet.

Oh, and no canine can lock its jaws....don't feed the flames of lies.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

frank, it sounds like you refused to drink the nanny dog koolaid?

Anonymous said...

Who in the name of God wants to own a dog you can't trust around a 7 year-old kid? Seriously, if a dog can't be left with a child that age - because we're not talking about a toddler here - then that animal is not a pet. Same goes with cats, really - pets should not kill other pets.

Frank, I think you're more honest than the rescue nuts (I mean I still think you're a piece of shit, but a slightly more realistic one at least). But really, now that dog fighting is illegal is there any point to anyone owning these dogs, in your opinion? Pretend you aren't involved in illegal dogfighting while you answer.

Frank C. said...

I was raised differently I guess. My family who used to be involved with these dogs had strict rules regarding care and maintenance, they passed it to me, it was enforced when we had apbts, and none of my family or friends ever suffered any accident.

And I know P. refuses to get this through his skull, but I can say with 100% confidence that NONE of my dogs or any that were a result of my breedings EVER attacked or maimed someone, because they stayed with me or in our circle, and when I got out of the dogs, I buried them all, including ones that were placed with two friends.

Nanny dog? Please. I think I've posted this before, the more I read your blog, the more sense "nutter" makes as a label for most "pit bull type" dog owners, because they refuse to acknowledge they have one of the most powerful breeds on earth that are capable or horrific or magnificent things; depends on how well you manage your athlete.

Anonymous said...

You don't know my dog, or me, so do not assume that my dog will attack one day just because she is a Pit Bull.
I know my dog very well, and she will never do that.
That is the last thing I have to say on this post.
I will not argue to people that are labeling every single Pit Bull as unpredictable dogs that will snap one day and kill. That is the biggest bunch of crap I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Frank C is a dogman.

Listen to him.

He's telling you your pit bull IS NOT A PET.

How stupid can you be when even the pit bull breeders can't get through your thick skull?

You are a stupid, stupid woman and clearly proud of your plug ignorance.

Your children will be influenced accordingly.

Stupid begets stupid.

Anonymous said...

"and TEACH them to be agressive"

They BREED them to be aggressive.

These dogs have been selectively bred for hundreds of years TO BE FIGHTING DOGS and do the things that fighting dogs do.

How stupid can you possibly be?

Not to mention, the bulk of the pits that are killing have never been "taught" to be aggressive. People get them as puppies. Then they maul and kill.

For as long as you get your information about pit bulls from other middle class suburban idiots and AKC old ladies, then you will be a dupe.

The dogmen are like Geniuses compared to middle class twits making smoochy with pit bulls and believing in fairy tales.

At least dogmen like Frank have the balls to say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

The nanny dog contigent is just increasing the number of innocent people getting slaughtered by pit bulls.

That happens, and the dogmen pay the price for the nanny dog wackos.

Frank, if there were bsl laws then the wackos wouldn't be letting these dogs get into the headlines for killing, and you dogmen would be getting left alone. You do realize that?

You guys screwed yourself when you invited the housewives to make smoochy with pits in hopes they'd help you. They haven't.

They just brought out the lawyers to sniff around, and the government.

Frank C. said...

I don't think I've ever stated I'm anti-bsl. I'm a firm believer it helps to keep those from owning this (and other dangerous breeds) who aren't capable of it.

When we had dogs, you couldn't have them in our neighboring city already; mind you this was over 30 years ago. Sadly, many of the "big" name breeders you see on pedigrees nowadays have, caused the downfall by starting to advertise in public magazines, newspapers, etc.

When I was growing up, no one knew what a bulldog/pit dog really was, unless you were around them. When I was growing up, it was in a city, the sport was a very urban thing contrary to popular belief. When cities and states started passing animal fighting/baiting laws, a lot of things moved rural in the late 60's/early 70's in my opinion.

Back to the breeders - when you sell to the public, it's a bad idea. These bottom feeders believe media propaganda and perpetuate it. Then they are breeding dogs off "so-and-so's" dogs and things keep getting worse.

What I've heard is people saying the "sport" has been dead for over a decade. There's no circulations or governing body, no one can confirm or deny anyone's claims, people are robbing and killing each other over some dogs, and the sad part is they don't realize the humaniacs have won and they helped them along.

I think I've had an epiphany craven.

I think You've made a believer as I've typed this. The general public doesn't need apbts. I know that this breed will never die off, and no matter who does what there will always be class-act folks who raise and keep their dogs right. But as long as these poor dogs who are honestly doing what they were bred for are suffering because of just being a dog, they are better off dead and out of the public eye.


Anonymous said...

You call us uncivilized. Look at the statements you have spewed forth. It's disgraceful. It's shameful. I would be embarrassed to say things like this to other people who have a differing opinion on a public forum.
Pit Bulls are not unstable beings. They are salient beings who love humans. Take a child who has been abused its entire life, neglected of food and water, mentally and emotionally abused. That child grows up and without counseling, that child doesn't stand a chance at having a normal outlook on life. Dogs are much different, although if you have no hands on experience, you wouldn't know. Dogs are easily trained and easily forgive. You take the most battered and bruised pit bull and as soon as they are rescued, typically they are loving and extremely loyal to their new owner. If they do have a few problems, then it is easily trainable because Pit Bulls are highly intelligent, loyal beings. I cannot say the same for the people writing such filth on this website.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

salient beings?

salient |ˈsālyənt; -lēənt|
1 most noticeable or important : it succinctly covered all the salient points of the case.
• prominent; conspicuous : it was always the salient object in my view.
• (of an angle) pointing outward. The opposite of reentrant .
2 [ postpositive ] Heraldry (of an animal) standing on its hind legs with the forepaws raised, as if leaping.

at first i thought you meant sentient but after reviewing the definition, i am not so sure. you people really do think that your pit bulls are the MOST IMPORTANT dogs.

Anonymous said...

Pit bull blog

Another MORONIC middle class housewife sucked in by fairy tales, and a fruit ripe for the picking by lawyers.

This is the kind of jackass killing your kids with their FIGHTING DOGS, people, while they suck their thumbs and talk about "love" like 6 year olds.

They will risk their kids, your kids, you, your visitors, your pets, because they are lonely, frustrated women who are unable to do anything truly positive for society but instead mythologize pit bulls and HELP DOG FIGHTERS.

Videotape them, use cameras, document them, have an attorney send them formal notice that they will be held accountable for the actions of their fighting dog.

Report ANY incidents (such as loose dog, etc) formally and in writing (preferably by an attorney) to the mayor, city or county council, animal control, governor! so you have a record when their dog kills or attacks.

Notify their homeowner's insurance company that they have a pit bull (most are lying and hiding that fact)

Be vigilant! Because these disturbed women will blame YOU when their fighting dogs kill or hurt your family!

Anonymous said...

"They are salient beings who love humans"

This from a WACKO who DOES NOT CARE that a teenage boy's face was ripped off.

That children are getting killed.

She thinks that pit bulls are more human than humans.

Do you see the kind of mentally ill person attracted to pit bulls?

These are the misfits and losers who hate people, but don't want to admit it. So they use the pit bull Cult as a way to hurt people.

And it is a CULT for the non-dog fighters involved in pit bulls.

These are the kinds of people who joined pseudo-religious cults. Remember the huge number of young women who followed Charlie Manson?

Now they can sit at home and join pit bull cults.

Today's Manson girls.

(And a moneymaker for some with pure greed on their tiny minds!)

If you look back at the things that Manson told his followers, the ways he brainwashed them, you can find similarities in today's pit bull cult.

They will deny reality. They worship pit bulls.
And they will deny the reality about pit bulls.

They will do anything the cult leaders tell them. Believe anything, repeat anything.

And they will kill people with their dogs. Willingly.

They get a thrill from it, like Manson's followers did.

But they think they can blame the victim and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

you do know NO breed is for the general public? no one breed is good for everyone. people just need to learn how to be realistic about what they can handle. some can only handle a little froo froo dog, and others can handle a Rottweiler or other large powerful breed. it all depends on the person, and their situation.

yeah, like that will ever happen. most people are idiots. BTW.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Nutter meant "Soylent"...

Like in the movie Solyent Green where people were used for food?

Anonymous said...

Attacked by a chained Coonhound
« on: October 29, 2008, 08:28:16 PM » Quote Modify Remove Split Topic


I was attacked by a chained Coonhound. The attack resulted in me losing part of the left side of my face...
This attack was vicious to say the least. But that does not mean that I hate all Coonhounds. Or that I even think all Coonhounds will attack me. That would be an idiotic way of thinking.
I do disagree with alot that is said on this website. Well actually I disagree with most all of the content on this website.
Just because I was a victim of an attack by a Coonhound, does not mean there are not Coonhounds in good homes that would not attack me.
The same is true with ALL breeds. Yes there are some bad apples in ALL breeds, but if you go around trying to ban any and every dog that attacks, we would be left with none! Because all dogs of all breeds can and have attacked and killed people. From a Pomeranian down to a Poodle, they all can kill. A Pomeranian did kill an infant a few years back. Google it, you will see the articles and news stories about it.
All I am saying is that we all have a fear of our children being attacked and killed by a dog. Well, a ban on certain breeds does absolutely nothing but treat the symptoms, it is not a cure. Bad owners are the disease, so in order to stop this epidemic of attacks and fataliteis, we need to get to the core of the problem. The laws should be focused on holding OWNERS OF VICIOUS DOGS REAPONSIBLE. Not making innocent dogs pay for a crime they have not committed.
Once we start holding owners responsible for the acts of their dogs, we will see a sudden drop in attacks and fatalities.

Please live up to your words and help track to the perps who's pit broke it's chain and killed the MS girl a couple of weeks ago. He is hiding in the bowels of the Pit Community.....And he didn't pay a damn dime in taxes on his breeding operation.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Pawsitive PitBulls said...
I know Pits were bred to fight. You quoted it exactly as it is told in hundreds of Pit Bull websites, so kudos to you.
I am positive that I know a hell of alot more than you when it comes to Pits, so please do not try to educate me on this subject. I work hands on with them daily at shelters, and know hundreds of people that have them as pets.
Yes they have been bred to fight, other dogs that is. They have not been bred to kill people. Believe it or not, they do know the difference between mauling people and fighting other dogs.
And like I said before, dogmen raise their Pit Bulls to be fighting dogs, nothing more, nothing less. They are NEVER socialized, and live their lives on chains, which is why Pits used for fighting can sometimes be very aggressive towards people. I say sometimes because even the majority of Pits that live like that still will not show aggression towards people.
You have to have some hands on experience with Pits to know what I mean. I have heard it all, from the good to the bad, and I am going on what I know from experience, not years of being on Pit Bull chat rooms or websites. I said it before and I will say it again; please do not try to educate me on a topic that I already know all about.

March 1, 2010 4:09 PM

@mar 6 6:22 am said...

let me get this right, you lost part of your face to a dog attack and you dont have a problem with certain fighting breeds being out there owned by god knows who ? you talk about poms and poodles as though they are comparable to pit does making stupid people responsible help? they're already responsible for their dogs and their kids and does it help much? i quess not much,only after the fact thus the need for bsl

@mar6 6:22 am ??? said...

let me get this lost part of your face to a dog attack and you dont have a problem with certain breeds of attack dogs being out there in the general public? you compare poms and poodles to pitbulls and you talk about owner accountability. surely people are already responsible for their dogs and kids but its after the fact. do we trust anyone and everyone with guns and say you will get in trouble if you dont behave? we hold murderers acountable but it doesnt help the dead. as far as innocent dogs having to die i say better yours than mine.